At Hanami Hotel Danang, we find joy in the intricate dance of flavors that Vietnamese cuisine offers, especially here in the radiant city of Da Nang. Originating from the love of Da Nang and the cuisine of this beautiful city, hanami wants to be the first person to introduce you ” Top 10 Da Nang Family Restaurants with rich Vietnamese Flavors.” 

Each restaurant handpicked in this blog is a story of tradition, a canvas of vibrant tastes, and an ode to family gatherings that are so integral to Vietnamese culture. Through this journey, we aim to bring those warm, familial experiences closer to you, making every meal a memorable piece of your travels. From our family at Hanami Hotel Danang to yours, let’s savor the essence of Da Nang together, one delightful dish at a time.


The importance of family cuisine in Da Nang

The importance of Vietnamese family meals

Family cuisine plays an extremely important role in the culinary culture of Da Nang and the Central region in general. These are not only simple meals but also characteristic of cohesion, family affection, and preservation of traditional values. Then, Hanami would like to take a look the importances that family cuisine brings:

Family Love Bonding

Family meals are an important occasion for family members gather, share stories, and all members build and maintain close relationships together. Sitting at the table, enjoying familiar dishes is an opportunity for people to interact, chat and create memorable memories.

Preserving and teaching culinary culture

Family cuisine is an important foundation to teach and preserve the traditional culinary culture of Da Nang. Dishes made from local ingredients, combined with traditional cooking are a special highlight of family cuisine. The participation of generations in the family in the process of preparing and enjoying the meal also helps to teach the values of filial piety, family love and respect for tradition.

Form healthy eating habits

Family meals are usually varied, nutritious and polite meals. Eating together in a family space helps members form healthy and balanced eating habits. This is an opportunity to encourage the use of fresh, varied and healthy ingredients.

Develop feelings of love and solidarity

A family meal is an opportunity for family members to feel caring, loving and united. When sitting at the same table, each member is not only materially satisfied but also shared in soul and emotions. Sharing meals, and enjoying delicious foods together is a great way to build love and bonds in the family.

Top 10 best Da Nang family restaurants

Tokyo Da Nang Grill Street

Cozy family meal at Tokyo Da nang Grill Street

Are you a Sushi fanatic? If that is true, let’s visit Tokyo Grill Street for a taste of delicious and nutritious Japanese food. This is the ideal destination for your family to immerse yourselves in the warm atmosphere and enjoy special cuisine after a long study term or special occasions of the family.

Tokyo Grill Street offers a authentic Japanese dining experience, with fresh grilled dishes and fresh sushi. Here, you can enjoy meticulously prepared and delicate sushi, satisfying even the most demanding sushi lover.

In addition, this eatery also offers a cozy and friendly space, suitable for both children and adults. This is the ideal place for you and your family to enjoy fun and delicious culinary parties. Take the time to visit Tokyo Grill Street to create memorable memories and enjoy the special flavors of Japan together! Hanami guarantees that this place will bring your family unforgettable memories.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 4 Pham Van Dong, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0931 544 399

Liu Chu Fang

Cozy meal at Liu Chu Fang

If you want to try to enjoy authentic Hong Kong food, Liu Chu Fang is a destination not to be missed. This restaurant is famous for its excellent Hot Pot and Dimsum Buffets. Not only is it a place to enjoy food, but this is also a Chinese space experience, with spacious and airy space.

This eatery offers two dining options: order from the menu or enjoy buffet service. In particular, the restaurant also has a combo of 10 best-selling dishes suitable for eating with the family. From there, it brings you the full wonderful flavor of Hong Kong cuisine. After enjoying the delicious main dishes, you can enjoy cool desserts such as sweet soup and fresh fruits, as the perfect highlight for the meal.

With its courteous atmosphere and professional service, Hanami believes it is the ideal venue for family parties, gatherings or special celebrations. Coming to Liu Chu Fang, you will enjoy not only delicious food but also experience Hong Kong’s rich food culture.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 56 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0904 263 402

Mau Dich 1986

Family dinner tray at Mau Dich 1986

If anyone has ever enjoyed the reunion meal at Mau Dich 1986, you will be immersed in the warm and authentic Vietnamese space. They boast popular delicacies such as cotton fish in tomato sauce, quail egg ribs, boiled pork, stir-fried vegetables with garlic and delicate sour soup. Each meal here is not only a culinary enjoyment but also a journey to pay tribute to memorable memories, where your grandparents, parents and family can enjoy the joy of reunion.

The space of Mau Dich 1986 is warmly designed with characteristic brown colors and using wood materials to create a beautiful traditional picture. Details such as leaf hats, bamboo forks and fish lampshades combined with fresh green space bring a pleasant and comfortable feeling to diners. This is the ideal place for you to relax, enjoy the traditional atmosphere and enjoy delicious food in Da Nang city. Hanami will definitely not disappoint you!

Contact Information:

  • Address: 149 Hai Phong, Thach Thang, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0344 404 510

Nha Ta Restaurant

Nha Ta Restaurant

Nha Ta Restaurant is the top destination in Da Nang with the style of ” subsidy period rice eatery” with the slogan “Delicious as your mother cooks”. Not only a restaurant, this is also a place imbued with Vietnamese culinary culture, designed in the shape of ancient rice eateries, bringing a feeling of closeness and warmth like coming home.

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With a spacious space spanning 2 floors, Nha Ta Restaurant creates a small picture in the middle of a modern city, where customers can enjoy delicious food and chat with friends or family. Their menu is placed right from the gate, introducing today’s delicious dishes, helping diners save time choosing dishes.

Highlights on the menu are authentic Vietnamese dishes such as fresh boiled vegetables, deep-fried dragonfly fish, delicious turmeric leaf stock, fried eggs and nutritious boiled meat. It is impossible to ignore the delicious stock, delicious mackerel sauce and attractive sour soup. In particular, the female fish sauce here is uniquely processed, extremely attractive and suitable for everything from meat to vegetables.

Nha Ta Restaurant is the ideal place for you to enjoy the taste of your hometown, sip a delicious meal like your mother cooked, and create memorable memories with relatives and friends. Come and discover the sophistication and boldness in Vietnamese cuisine at Nha Ta Restaurant to bring back memorable experiences!

Contact Information:

  • Address: 134 2/9 Street, Hoa Thuan Dong, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0935 497 979

Bep cua Ngoai (Grandma’s Kitchen)

Meals cooked by Grandma’s Kitchen

If mention Da Nang family restaurants without mentioning Grandma’s Kitchen, it would be flawed. When entering here, you will be surprised by the warmth and familiarity of a special restaurant, bringing the beauty of Vietnamese families in the 80-90s. This eatery, named Grandma’s Kitchen, boasts an extensive kitchen team and a varied menu, which changes daily to suit the diverse tastes of diners.

In particular, Grandma’s Kitchen is the ideal choice for young people and families when traveling to Da Nang, at a reasonable price. Although it is boxed rice, each set ensures 3 criteria Delicious – Nutritious – Economical. The menu is diverse with a variety of sets so that everyone can choose to suit their taste and culinary needs.

Not only that, the green and cozy space of Grandma’s Kitchen is also a highlight worth visiting. Quality dishes are prepared by the talented hands of Foreign, committed to not using MSG, bringing diners safe and premium culinary experiences. Visit Grandma’s Kitchen to enjoy not only the familiar flavors but also the connection with traditional Vietnamese culinary culture!

Contact Information:

  • Address: 86 Nguyen Van Thoai, Bac My Phu, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0989 011 121
  • Address: 165 Le Quang Dao, My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang
  • Address: 136b Yen Bai, Phuoc Ninh, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0989 011 121

An Nam Quan – Rice Nieu Da Nang

Rice tray at An Nam Quan – Rice Nieu Da Nang

Are you looking for a special place in Da Nang to enjoy delicious and cozy meals with your family? Visit Rice Nieu An Nam Quan – an ideal destination with intimate space and flavorful dishes. Here, you will enjoy many typical delicacies such as fish stock, rim goby, boiled meat with melon, green pepper rim shrimp, charred roasted bacon, refreshing salad,…Definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Not only bringing the typical flavor of Central Vietnam but also preserving the nostalgic beauty of Hoi An. The warm and friendly atmosphere of the shop will make you feel like you are being welcomed at home. This is the ideal place for you and your family and friends to create memorable moments while enjoying delicious cuisine while enjoying the idyllic and familiar atmosphere. Take some time to come and experience the wonderful things that Rice Nieu An Nam Quan has to offer you!

Contact Information:

  • Address: B15 Lot 42, 43 Tran Bach Dang, Ngu Hanh Son Ward, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0788 661 233

Nha Vui Rice – Hanoi Crab Hot Pot

Rice tray at Nha Vui Rice – Hanoi Hot Pot

Nha Vui Rice is an ideal destination for special meetings or spending time with family and groups of friends, with flavorful dishes of Hanoi. Shrimp rim meat is a perfect combination of the fatty taste of pork and the delicious taste of shrimp, or rich satay beef that will captivate anyone. The special feature of Nha Vui Rice is that the side dishes such as cannon coffee, rice sauce, are attractive and add a special part to the meal.

In addition, Nha Vui Rice is also famous for typical dishes such as Hanoi pho rolls, puffed fried noodle soup, and crab hot pot. In particular, crab hot pot is a dish not to be missed. When enjoying this dish, the staff will guide you how to fully enjoy the flavor of hot pot. The soup is rich, naturally delicious, and a little shrimp paste and chili sauce to create a characteristic spicy and aromatic flavor.

Add to that fresh vegetables, fresh mushrooms, cartilage ribs, beef, and red banyan cakes, all creating an authentic culinary experience not to be missed at Nha Vui Rice. So if you need to find the Da Nang family restaurants, do not miss this place! Come enjoy these wonderful dishes with friends and family!

Contact Information:

  • Address: 86 Đ. 2 Thang 9, Binh Hien, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0933 865 786

Truc Lam Vien clay pot rice restaurant

Simple family meal at Truc Lam Vien Rice Restaurant

Experiencing Hue space at Truc Lam Vien – a peaceful oasis in the vibrant center of Da Nang is a worthwhile experience. Here, you will be immersed in the gentle music, immersed in the song of melodious birds, creating a feeling of relaxation and closeness to the bold atmosphere of Hue.

Truc Lam Vien is ideally located in the heart of Da Nang city, close to the Cham Museum and the romantic Han River. With Hue imperial architecture, large gardens and long-standing Cuong houses, the restaurant offers an ancient, cozy and intimate space.

The menu at Truc Lam Vien is very diverse, from rich hometown delicacies to unique creations. The reputation of the restaurant is built on the principle of ‘ensuring cleanliness, food hygiene and safety and bringing visitors great culinary experiences’. This is the ideal space for you to explore the typical flavor of Hue, enjoy the peaceful natural space and enjoy delicious food in Da Nang.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 10 Tran Quy Cap, Thach Thang, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0236 3849 969

Citron Restaurant

Counter space at Citron Restaurant

Citron Restaurant in Da Nang is a unique venue with a unique cone design, giving customers a special culinary experience. The location of the restaurant is extremely attractive with sea views, allowing diners to enjoy delicious food in a comfortable and beautiful space.

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From above looking down, diners can enjoy the panoramic view of miniature Da Nang and the romantic Da Nang seascape. With such a unique location, customers can enjoy not only the wonderful taste but also feel the salty scent of the sea and the airy sea breeze.

Citron Restaurant is not only a place to enjoy cuisine but also an ideal destination to experience the golden space of Da Nang, with the perfect combination of cuisine and beautiful scenery of the sea. Try coming to experience a special meal and take in the beautiful views of this famous coastal city.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 48C4+F6X Bai Bac, SonTra Peninsula, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0236 3938 888

Lang Nghe Restaurant

Cozy family rice tray at Lang Nghe Restaurant

Lang Nghe Restaurant is a destination with a warm and polite space, suitable for changing positions or relaxing weekends with the family. In particular, this restaurant has both room and garden space, allowing customers to choose according to their own preferences and feelings.

Lang Nghe Restaurant not only has diverse space, but the dishes are also very bold and have unique characteristics of each region. Each dish is meticulously prepared, derived from the typical flavors of Vietnam. From delicious dishes of the North such as bun cha, pho, or fried spring rolls, to Central dishes such as banh xeo, noodle quang, or banh beo, and indispensable bold dishes of the South such as banh xeo, broken rice or noodle soup.

Lang Nghe Village is not only a place to enjoy cuisine but also a journey through the culinary region of Vietnam, giving diners diverse and unique culinary experiences. Try to check if Hanami is right!

Contact Information:

  • Address: 119 Le Loi, Thach Thang, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0793 511 119

Notes when choosing a restaurant for families

Notes to help you choose a restaurant for your family more cozy and reunion

There’s nothing better than home-cooked meals, but a little “change of atmosphere” can help make the family atmosphere more fun and cohesive. There are many great restaurants in Da Nang but not all restaurants are suitable for family gatherings. Please refer to the notes below to choose the right restaurant for your family in Da Nang!


The restaurants serve a variety of dishes and layouts, making it easy to reference. However, it should be remembered that the family eatery must be quiet, close, and not too boisterous. You can’t wear pajamas to corporate year-end celebrations, and you can’t hold family gatherings at pubs.

Another note is to avoid choosing restaurants that are too luxurious, as this not only makes your wallet “suffocate” but also makes the party quite rigid, requiring everyone to be quite cautious. So, look for a restaurant that is spacious, pleasant but also has a cozy, intimate, elegant, light, and attractive décor to increase the feeling of relaxation for members when dining.


You can choose the right family diner based on each individual’s preferences. Currently, Japanese restaurants or fine grills are quite famous. However, other dining styles, including seafood buffets and Korean restaurants, are also in high demand.

The menu of the family restaurant also needs to be balanced to suit everyone’s taste. Intergenerational disagreements often lead to different nutritional needs and preferences. For example, parents and grandparents regularly enjoy classic savory dishes such as rice, soup, meat, and fish. While young people are interested in delicious dishes such as milk tea, grilled hot pot, pizza … is the best way. And most importantly, remember to choose a menu that suits your budget to get the party you want.


Imagine how difficult it would be to have a meal if your family has young children and the parents have to constantly hold them. It would be very beneficial if restaurants provided high chairs so that parents could have a break. Eat and drink. Consider the fact that if the restaurant has no parking, everyone in the family would feel inconvenienced when driving to look for a parking spot…

So choose a family restaurant that offers essential services such as child seats, free parking, and attentive service staff. When these services are provided, family meals will become more comfortable and easy.

As I reflect on Danang’s vibrant culinary scene, I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement and nostalgia. Exploring the city’s Top 10 Da Nang Family Restaurants has been a journey of flavors, emotions, and cherished memories. From the comforting aroma of simmering pho to the burst of freshness in every bite of banh xeo, each dining experience has been a celebration of Vietnamese culture and tradition.

At Hanami Hotel Danang, we understand the profound connection between food and family. That’s why we take pride in introducing you to these culinary gems, where every meal is an invitation to gather around the table and create lasting bonds with loved ones.

As you embark on your own gastronomic adventure, we invite you to make Hanami Hotel Danang your home away from home. Our 3-star+ hotel, nestled just 500 meters from My Khe Beach and 2.9 kilometers from Danang International Airport, offers modern amenities and a convenient location in the heart of the An Thuong tourist area. With spacious rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a dedicated team fluent in English, we strive to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Whether you’re here for a leisurely vacation or an extended stay, our hotel provides the perfect base for exploring Danang’s famous landmarks, including Linh Ung Pagoda, Son Tra Peninsula, and Marble Mountains. And after a day of adventure, unwind at our on-site restaurant, serving a delectable blend of Asian and European cuisine, or sip cocktails at our bar while soaking in the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

With our commitment to excellence and personalized service, Hanami Hotel Danang promises to elevate your Danang experience to new heights. Come, indulge in the flavors of Vietnam and create unforgettable moments with us. Book your stay today and let us be a part of your journey in this beautiful coastal city.


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