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Great potential comes from family travelers

Nowadays, not only do people tend to go individually to experience things for themselves, but they also tend to travel in groups. Particularly family tourism, which has seen a significant increase in the number of family travelers in recent years. Let’s read Hanami Hotel Danang’s article, “Great potential comes from family travelers” to find out more useful information!

The trend of group travel, particularly multigenerational families, is fast developing and flourishing in countries, especially in Asian countries. This development has contributed to raising the standards of hygiene and services of the hotel industry in particular, as well as the tourist-travel industry in general.

Provide a friendly environment for “kid” guests

Tiềm năng lớn đến từ khách du lịch gia đình
Focus strongly on “kid” customers

Parents are very sensitive people who are especially worried about the health and needs of their children. As a result, the hotel needs to pay special attention to young customers and create a gentle, friendly environment for them. In addition, there should also be related services to meet young children’s needs and entertainment.  The hotel can look for employees who love children and have a lot of patience.

During this time, parents also need to relax and have a private space. Therefore, let’s provide facilities to help children freely and comfortably play without parents having to worry about them.

Provide special promotions for customers traveling in groups

The current tendency is to travel in groups, with many families opting for this method of relaxation. Most groups will consist of 5 or more persons, here are large groups that usually range from 20 to 30 people. With large groups of guests, their need for large and close rooms is obvious.

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Attracting customers traveling in groups by providing special promotions

This is also one of the benefits of this group of guests, as it allows the hotel to attract a high number of guests and earn a great amount of money in a short period of time.

To attract this group of guests, focus strongly on the number and length of their stay to run promotions and advertising. This is also one of the most effective marketing methods that gain great results.

Upgrading the facade of the hotel

Aside from improving the rooms, upgrading the hotel facade is essential. Not only should hotels modernize in real life, but they should also upgrade their “online” facade, particularly the OTA channels to which the hotel subscribes.


Tiềm năng lớn đến từ khách du lịch gia đình
Upgrade OTA channels

To attract them, you need to give family and child-friendly messages while creating a close, friendly, and secure space. Please list a variety of amenities such as a babysitter, a children’s play area, children’s attractions, and so on. Customers will be able to compare hotels and make more informed decisions as a result of this.

Upgrading hotel room facilities

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Some utilities are simple but are loved by grandparents and parents. Therefore, you should not ignore these amenities in the hotel room and the services in the hotel. There are several popular and extensively utilized amenities available nowadays, such as wifi, Netflix, and so on.

Always compete with the competitors

Tiềm năng lớn đến từ khách du lịch gia đình

Among tens of thousands of hotels in operation today, why don’t you make your own hotel more unique and valuable? You can use low prices, and high quality to attract certain customer groups that the hotel is targeting.

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The family group is always a profitable customer group that assists the hotel in effectively selling rooms. As a result, hotels need to pay attention and have special policies for this potential target group.  Hanami Hotel Danang hopes that the article “Great potential comes from family travelers” has helped you gain more useful and relevant knowledge. See you in the following posts.

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