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Seventeen – The best coffee house Da Nang

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Hoa Khanh, Da Nang, there exists a gem that is not just a coffee house but a sanctuary for coffee lovers and night owls alike. “Seventeen – The Best Coffee House 24/7 Teddy Bear Cafe” isn’t just any ordinary cafe; it’s an oasis where the fragrant aroma of freshly brewed coffee mixes with the comforting embrace of teddy bears.

As someone writing from the heart of Da Nang, at the Hanami Hotel, I find myself drawn to this unique spot, wanting to share its magic with our guests and anyone looking for a special corner in the city. Join me as we explore Seventeen, where every visit promises a new story, a fresh inspiration, or just a moment of peace amid the chaos of daily life.

Discover the space of Seventeen – The best coffee house Da Nang

Seventeen - The best coffee house Da Nang
Seventeen – Teddy bear cafe in Hoa Khanh Da Nang

Location and surrounding environment

After months of construction, Seventeen – The Best Coffee House 24/7 is now open for business. Seventeen – The Best Coffee House 24/7 is an ideal destination in Da Nang, where students can enjoy not only a unique coffee experience but also immerse themselves in the quiet atmosphere of the city.

Its prime location in Lien Chieu District of Da Nang provides customers a rare opportunity to relax and enjoy peaceful moments. Seventeen is near famous attractions, convenient for exploring the city.

The shop is surrounded by unique architectural structures with teddy bears, creating a private and peaceful space amidst the bustling city. The tables and chairs are harmoniously arranged, offering a comfortable and cozy feeling for customers. The outdoor seating areas are designed so that customers can enjoy the cityscape and relax under the cool shade of trees. S

eventeen is not only a place to enjoy coffee but also an ideal space for working, studying, or simply relaxing with friends and family. The artistic atmosphere of the shop is a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements, creating a creative and unique space.

The dedicated and professional staff at Seventeen is always ready to serve customers with great coffee and the best customer service. Seventeen is open 24/7, providing convenience for those who love to enjoy coffee at any time, including in the evening.

With Seventeen – The Best Coffee House 24/7, customers not only have the opportunity to experience the distinctive flavor of coffee but also enjoy the quiet and beautiful space of Da Nang city, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

Seventeen - The best coffee house Da Nang
Location of Seventeen – The best coffee house Da Nang

Contact information:

  • Address: 65 Ngo Thi Nham, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 093 414 31 43
  • Facebook:

Interior Design and Decoration

Seventeen is not just a coffee shop, but also a work of art with special attention to detail in its interior design. As soon as customers step into the shop, they will be captivated by the warm and luxurious atmosphere that the sophisticated interior design brings.

With a meticulously designed space, the wood color scheme combines with well-adjusted decor corners. The wooden tables and chairs of the shop are large and long, along with big sofa chairs with soft cushions, ensuring no back pain for those wanting to “dealine” overnight! Additionally, the presence of a strong wifi “wave” means that guests do not have to worry about the smoothness of the “wifi” here!

The chairs and tables were chosen for their top-notch comfort and softness, not only to make customers feel comfortable but also to spark creative inspiration. Each chair is placed in a balanced and harmonious manner, creating an effective thinking and working space. The work tables are arranged in a way that facilitates creative group work sessions or private meetings.

Seventeen - The best coffee house Da Nang
Explore the space of Seventeen – The best coffee house 24/7

Every detail of the interior design was carefully crafted, creating a perfect picture of the blend between comfort and elegance. All these elements together create an ideal space not only for enjoying coffee but also for experiencing creative moments and private conversations. The interior design at Seventeen is not just a part of the coffee shop, but a source of inspiration for elegance and creativity in every customer.

Space Size and Comfort

The space at Seventeen symbolizes comfort and flexibility in design. With special attention to size, the shop’s space is designed openly, creating a feeling of spaciousness and comfort from the moment one steps in.

The reasonable size of the shop not only helps create a space that isn’t too cramped but also ensures privacy for each table of guests. Seating areas are arranged to maximize the use of space, creating a vibrant environment and an interface between comfort and privacy.

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Seventeen - The best coffee house Da Nang
Seventeen – Teddy bear cafe in Hoa Khanh, Da Nang

Comfortable sofa chairs are a special feature in the interior design, providing customers a home-like sitting experience. The open views of the city outskirts from large windows allow customers to feel connected to the outside world while enjoying a fresh atmosphere. This spacious setting also makes each table of guests feel like part of a large stage, where they can enjoy the space without feeling cramped or restricted.

All these elements come together to create a comfortable and warm space, where customers can relax and enjoy each moment, merging into the classy and unique atmosphere of Seventeen – The Best Coffee House 24/7.

Menu and Drinks at Seventeen – The Best Coffee House 24/7

Diverse Menu of Coffee and Other Beverages

Seventeen is not just a coffee shop, but a destination for diversity and specialty in the coffee world. The menu here is not just a list of beverages, but a journey of discovery for those who appreciate high-quality flavors and quality.

The shop is proud to introduce a range of coffees made from the highest quality coffee beans. Especially, the soft cappuccino with a perfect milk foam layer, the strong espresso with an enticing aroma, and the smooth latte create a subtle flavor portrait rich in artistic quality.

Seventeen - The best coffee house Da Nang
“Bestseller” is the Dragon Fruit Pink Guava Tea,

Especially, the shop has a “Bestseller” which is the Dragon Fruit Pink Guava Tea, a delicious and nutritious drink, that harmoniously combines the unique flavors of dragon fruit and pink guava. This is not just a cup of tea but a subtle blend of natural fragrance and fresh flavor.

The main components of this tea include pure green tea, mixed with delicious dragon fruit water and pure pink guava water. This creates a harmonious feeling between sweet and sour, offering a unique and attractive drink experience.

However, the beverages at Seventeen are not limited to coffee. The diverse menu includes appealing options like hot tea, made from the finest tea leaves to provide delicious and refreshing flavors. For sunny days, guests can enjoy cool drinks, like aromatic cacao or sophisticated mocktails with a harmonious combination of flavor and form.

Additionally, Seventeen also offers a health experience with fresh juices from delicious fruits and vegetables, refreshing and nutritious for customers.

Let Seventeen – The Best Coffee House 24/7 lead you through a flavor discovery journey, where every drop of coffee and each sip of juice is its own story, waiting to be shared and experienced.

Quality and Origin of Ingredients

At Seventeen – The Best Coffee House 24/7, since it’s a 24/7 cafe, ensuring the quality of the beverages for customers is crucial, so quality is not just a criterion, but the passion behind each drink. The dedication in selecting ingredients and the skillfulness in the preparation process create a genuine experience for customers.

The diversity in the types of beverages also helps the shop to create rich cups for coffee lovers, from soft cappuccinos to strong espressos and smooth lattes.

Not only coffee, but teas and juices are also carefully selected from the best sources. The tea leaves are harvested from the purest tea gardens, retaining their aroma and nutrients. The fresh and delicious juices come from fruits and vegetables, offering a refreshing and nutritious feeling with each sip.

The special focus on the origin and quality of ingredients is not just a commitment to excellent flavor, but also ensures that each customer of Seventeen will experience sophisticated flavors and a high-class relaxing space.

Creativity in Beverage Mixing and Presentation

Seventeen - The best coffee house Da Nang
Creativity in Beverage Mixing and Presentation

Seventeen – The best coffee house Da Nang offers a new perspective on drink preparation and presentation, proving that creativity is key to providing a unique and sophisticated experience for customers.

The baristas at Seventeen are not only mixing experts but also passionate artisans. They relentlessly strive and innovate, always looking for ways to refresh and renew the art of mixology. Each cup of coffee is not just a combination of high-quality ingredients but also an artistic creation made with passion and meticulous technique.

Creativity is apparent not only in the delicate flavor of each drink but also in how they are presented. Every detail is carefully considered, from how the coffee is poured into the cup to the decoration of the cappuccino’s milk foam surface. The beverages are not just a part of the menu; they are a lively artwork on the plate or in the glass.

Seventeen focuses not only on creating excellent flavors but also on creating a refined and unique experience for customers. Creativity is about more than just taste; it’s about how each drink is savored and experienced, leading customers on a delicious and sophisticated journey through each sip of coffee.

Customer Experience at Seventeen

Seventeen - The best coffee house Da Nang
The best coffee house 24/7 – Teddy bear cafe in Hoa Khanh Da Nang

Service and Attitude of Staff

At Seventeen – The best coffee house Da Nang, the customer experience comes not only from the quality of the drinks but also from the dedication and exceptional customer care.


The staff at the shop are not just employees but people who share a passion for coffee and desire to provide the best experience for customers. They always welcome customers with a friendly smile, creating a warm atmosphere from the first step into the shop. The enthusiastic and attentive attitude of the staff makes each customer feel valued and appreciated.

The attentive and helpful nature of the staff not only creates a comfortable environment but also makes each customer feel like a part of the Seventeen family. The employees are eager to advise and share information about the various types of coffee and beverages, creating a friendly and intellectual space for coffee enthusiasts.

The combination of high-quality beverages and dedicated customer service makes the customer experience special, and also creates a unique bond between the café and its customers. This contributes to the added value of every visit to Seventeen, making customers want to return for not only the delicious coffee but also for the special care from the friendly and professional staff.

Work Capability and Wifi at Seventeen

Seventeen is not only a destination for those who want to enjoy delicious drinks but also an ideal working space that supports the work efficiency of every customer.

The effective work capability is highlighted by the convenience of the working space in the café. Work tables at Seventeen are spaciously designed, providing a comfortable space for those who want to focus on work, study, or even have a group meeting. Comfortable chairs and the spaced-out arrangement between tables create a relaxed environment and foster creativity.

Seventeen - The best coffee house Da Nang
Work Capability and Wifi at Seventeen

Importantly, Seventeen pays attention to the needs of working individuals and ensures that the wifi in the café is always strong and stable.

This allows freelancers, students, or workgroups to connect and work without connectivity issues. Strong wifi not only helps customers maintain a continuous connection but also provides a smooth and uninterrupted working experience.

With the combination of a comfortable working space and strong wifi service, Seventeen becomes an ideal place for those looking for a quality and efficient working environment.

Feedback from Customers

“I’d like to share a few things about my experience.

Firstly, the space of the café is very comfortable and decorated tastefully. I like how they arranged the tables and chairs, creating a cozy and friendly atmosphere. The attention given to interior detail makes me feel like I’m at home.”

Seventeen receives many positive feedbacks from different customers on online review platforms. These reviews often emphasize the quality of the drinks, the comfortable space, and the professional service of the staff.

Not just about the drinks, Seventeen also receives high marks for the comfortable space it offers. Customers unanimously agree that the open-space design creates a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. The soft sofa chairs and the open view of the city outskirts are highlights of the space, creating an ideal environment for both relaxation and work.

In addition, the professionalism and dedicated attitude of the staff are one of the special features that customers often mention. Seventeen’s employees are not only servers but also dedicated teammates, helping customers and creating a friendly environment.

Seventeen - The best coffee house Da Nang
Seventeen – The best coffee house Da Nang

Seventeen – The Best Coffee House 24/7 is not just a cafe, but a relaxing and creative space. For those who love enjoying coffee and looking for an effective working space, this is a place worth checking out. Encourage everyone to come and experience the uniqueness of Seventeen – The best coffee house Da Nang  Teddy bear cafe in Hoa Khanh Da Nang

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  • Phone: 0905432992
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