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Top 10 chill coffee in Le Duan Da Nang

Welcome to Hanami Hotel’s very own exploration of the best that Da Nang has to offer, especially when it pertains to coffee lovers and aficionados alike. In our latest blog post, we’re over the moon to guide you through the “Top 10 chill coffee in Le Duan Da Nang” – a personal journey and recommendation from our heart to yours.

Le Duan Street isn’t just a thoroughfare; it’s a vibrant tapestry of culture, life, and most importantly, coffee. As someone who straddles the realms of both a local resident and a hospitality provider, I’ve found that coffee shops are not only places for a caffeine fix but also sanctuaries where memories are made, ideas are born, and time sometimes, just stands still in the most comforting way.

The coffee in Le Duan Da Nang

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang

Roxie Milk Tea & Coffee

The first name Hanami wants to introduce to you is Roxie Milk Tea & Coffee. This is a familiar address on Le Duan Street, not only an ideal relaxing place but also an interesting destination for the youth of Da Nang. What Hanami likes is that the shop continuously innovates with creative and personal drinks.

To experience the subtle flavor of coffee, you cannot miss the salt coffee or egg coffee here. The gentle bitterness combined delicately with the characteristic salty taste makes each drop of coffee special and explodes with flavor.

The milk tea here varies in flavors and toppings, ensuring you will find a combination that matches your taste. In addition, the shop also provides delicious and cool herbal teas, suitable for hot summer days. Moreover, the space of the shop is beautifully designed and located on the bustling Le Duan street, creating ideal conditions for meeting friends, relaxing, and entertaining.

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Roxie Milk Tea & Coffee

Contact Information:

  • Address: 450 Le Duan, Chinh Gian, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  • Phone Number: 0929 590 134
  • Facebook:

Hai Ngo Coffee Shop

Hai Ngo Coffee Shop, with its nostalgic style and deep brown tones, brings customers a warm and friendly space. This is the ideal destination for those looking to find a quiet, classic, and rustic corner to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or immerse themselves in a captivating book.

Besides its unique space, Hai Ngo Coffee Shop also impresses with a diverse and rich menu. Customers can choose from pure coffee to sweet desserts, creating a multi-dimensional tasting experience.

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Hai Ngo Coffee Shop

The staff at Hai Ngo Coffee Shop are always enthusiastic and professional, ready to serve and advise customers on the menu. Their friendliness and hospitality not only make customers feel comfortable but also create a space for interaction and sharing memorable experiences.

With every aspect from space, menu to service, therefore, Hanami believes this is an unmissable destination for those who love peace and appreciate the beauty of nostalgia.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 158 Le Duan, Thach Thang, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone Number: 0945 737 172

Anna Coffee

Anna Coffee is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the green space of a garden in the heart of Da Nang. With this model, the cafe is not only a place to enjoy coffee but also a destination for relaxation and everyday life enjoyment.

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Anna Coffee in Le Duan

Entering Anna Coffee, Hanami guarantees you will be immediately attracted by the lush greenery of plants and colorful flowers. The tables and chairs are arranged harmoniously, creating comfortable and cozy sitting corners, perfect for meeting friends or relaxing alone.

The menu of the shop is not only diverse with various types of coffee, tea, and other drinks, but also offers a rich selection of snacks for you to enjoy. Everything is freshly prepared and served by an enthusiastic and professional staff.

Anna Coffee is not only a place to enjoy delicious coffee but also an ideal destination to enjoy life, find peace, and connect with nature in the heart of the city. So why hesitate to set a date with your friends here to chill?

Contact Information:

  • Address: 29 Le Duan, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Memories Coffee

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Memories Coffee

Speaking of Le Duan Street coffee shops in Da Nang, one cannot forget about Memories Coffee. Positioned in a bustling street of Da Nang, it brings a unique Vintage style. Although the space is limited in size, since its inception, this place has attracted the attention of many.

The interior of the shop is delicately decorated with classic items such as simple tables and chairs, aiming to retain strong images of the childhood of the young generation from the 80s and 90s.

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By using warm colors and classic furniture such as flower vases and antique table lamps, the shop gives off a feeling of closeness and friendliness with nature. If you love classic architectural styles and dreamy spaces, nothing can disappoint you when stepping into the interior of this coffee shop.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 57 Le Duan, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Tree Coffee

Tree Coffee is the ideal destination for those who are passionate about natural spaces full of sunlight. Not just a cafe, but also a living picture with sunbeams peeking through the green leaves and the scent of grass and flowers.

Reasons why Tree Coffee attracts special attention from customers: The drinks at the shop are not only tasty but are also presented in a delicate and elaborate manner, creating art pieces on each cup of coffee and glass of water. The prices of the drinks at Coxi Garden are considered affordable, and the shop also serves delicious and diverse snacks.

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Tree Coffee in Danang

The environment does not use plastic, only environmentally friendly materials such as glass and wood, showing concern and emphasis on environmental protection. The surrounding area is also covered by green trees, creating a close and comfortable space.

The service staff is always enthusiastic, friendly, and attentive, making customers feel comfortable and satisfied. The location of the shop is very convenient, right in the city center, easy to find and access.

Not only is it a popular destination for the youth in Da Nang, but it is also a wonderful place to enjoy coffee, immerse in natural spaces, and create memorable memories. Come here and enjoy coffee!

Contact Information:

  • Address: 432 Le Duan, Chinh Gian, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Double B Coffee

If you love the vintage style and prefer the classic, then Double B Coffee is a great choice. The space of the shop is decorated with a strong nostalgic feel, featuring details such as an old cassette radio, rustic wooden tables and chairs, and classic bookshelves.

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Double B Coffee

Every line, every detail in the shop is like an open book of sweet childhood memories, making those of the 80s and 90s generations feel very familiar. The great plus of the shop is the friendliness and cuteness of the staff, always ready to create a comfortable and cozy space for each customer.

If you want to escape the noise and hustle of the city, looking for a peaceful and classic space, then Double B Coffee is definitely a destination you cannot miss. Take the time to visit the shop once, and Hanami guarantees you will not regret your decision.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 404 Le Duan, Tan Chinh, Thanh Khe, Da Nang

BonPas Bakery & Cafe

BonPas is a unique model in Da Nang, where you can enjoy unique culinary experiences with a variety of sweet pastries, savory cakes, and attractive drinks.

Compared to other café-bakeries in Da Nang, this store stands out with its diversity and quality of cakes, continuously innovating with creative and unique drinks to attract the attention of young people.

In addition, BonPas is also an ideal destination for socialization and learning activities, with events teaching baking for children and attractive promotional programs. This place is not only a place to enjoy culinary delights but also an interesting space for interaction and learning for both families and friends.

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
BonPas Bakery & Cafe

Contact Information:

  • Address: 59 Le Duan, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone Number: 0236 3888 348

Royal Coffee

Royal Coffee is a symbol of luxury and elegance in Da Nang. At first glance, the space of the shop creates a strong impression with exquisite and luxurious decorations. Tables and chairs are arranged reasonably, creating comfort and convenience for customers.

The gentle yellow light reflected on every decorative detail creates a warm and romantic atmosphere, ideal for dates or relaxing meetings. The sparkling decorative lights and unique wall paintings highlight the space, bringing a feeling of luxury and class.

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Menu at Royal Coffee

Additionally, the service at the shop is very professional and dedicated, ensuring satisfaction for all customers. The diverse menu with delicious coffee and drinks, served by a team of professional service staff, Hanami guarantees every customer will have a memorable experience at Royal Coffee.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 9 Le Duan, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Sufup’ Coffee

Next on the list of Le Duan Street coffee shops in Da Nang, one cannot overlook Sufup’ coffee. This is a charming little cafe, hidden away in a small alley. The special point of this coffee shop is the combination of a cafe space and a bakery.

Most of the items in the shop are handmade by the owners themselves, creating a unique and special decorative space. Their diligence and passion have made each corner of the shop unique and warm.

These handmade details not only create a simple and friendly atmosphere but also bring a unique and close touch that is hard to find elsewhere.

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In addition, the drink menu at the shop is also very diverse and attractive. You can enjoy delicious coffee, creamy milk tea, or special drinks only available at the shop. Each item is meticulously and delicately prepared, providing a great tasting experience for customers.

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Sufup’ Coffee

Especially, on major holidays such as Christmas, Lunar New Year, or the Spring festival, the shop is often newly decorated, creating a warmer and more romantic space than ever. This attracts the attention of many young people, who come here to experience and capture beautiful moments during the joyful holidays.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 36/16 Le Duan, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone Number: 0368 420 264

Fahasa Coffee

If you are a book lover and consider it an indispensable part of your spiritual life, then Fahasa Coffee will be an ideal choice for you. The model combining coffee enjoyment and book reading is not strange in Vietnam, distinguished by the spacious space of a cafe bookstore.

Here, Hanami is impressed by the modern and colorful design. Entering the shop, we are immediately attracted by the comfortable and cozy space, with a harmonious combination of colors and light creating a lively atmosphere.

Here, you can leisurely enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and flip through each page of an interesting book. Besides, observing the bustling street from a high floor is also an exciting and unique experience. This is truly a wonderful moment of relaxation, helping you temporarily forget the pressures and worries of daily life. Come and enjoy the wonderful things here!

Coffee in Le Duan Da Nang
Study at Fahasa Coffee

Contact Information:

  • Address: 300 Le Duan, Tan Chinh, Thanh Khe, Da Nang

Some criteria for choosing a Coffee in Danang

Next, Hanami will highlight specific factors that you should consider to ensure the best experience for yourself:

Criteria Characteristic
Design style The shop’s design style should reflect your preferences and lifestyle. Some shops have a modern, bright design while others have a classic, vintage feel.
Comfortable space The space of the restaurant needs to create a feeling of comfort and warmth. Tables and chairs need to be arranged reasonably, not too cramped, to ensure private space for customers.
Convenient location The location of the shop needs to be close to where you live or work so that you can easily get there. The restaurant should also be convenient for parking or near public transportation points.
Diverse menus The restaurant needs to provide a diverse menu with many drink and food options to suit every customer’s preferences and tastes.
Raw material quality Ensure that the restaurant uses fresh and high-quality ingredients to create delicious and safe drinks and food for customers.
Price You should consider whether the price of the products is worth the quality and experience the shop provides.
Employee’s attitude Service staff need to be friendly, enthusiastic and professional. They need to know how to listen and serve customers wholeheartedly.
Ratings and comments Ratings and comments from previous customers on online platforms such as Google Maps and Facebook can provide useful information about the quality and experience of the restaurant.
Promotional programs Does the restaurant regularly offer promotions or special offers for regular customers?

This is a list of top Le Duan Street cafes in Da Nang that Hanami has compiled. Each shop will bring you a unique experience, from space to service. However, the common point of all is the high appreciation from customers, enough to make you want to explore and experience with excitement.

At Hanami Hotel Danang, we’re committed to extending this sense of discovery and comfort to every aspect of your stay. Positioned conveniently close to My Khe Beach, only 500m away, and a mere 2.9km from Da Nang Airport, our location in the bustling tourist district of An Thuong places you at the heart of a lively expat community and among diverse international cuisine, from American to Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Indian, Russian, and even quick fast food options like Burgers. The area is also rich with coffee shops catering to the freelancers’ community, offering spaces for work and inspiration.

Our hotel, embodying modern luxury in its design, not only promises convenience but also a haven for guests seeking a longer-term stay or those needing a serene workspace. With apartment-style rooms featuring two balconies, abundant natural light, and strong Wi-Fi throughout, we assure you a quiet, comfortable space suited for both relaxation and productivity.

Plus, our amenities including air conditioning, TV, safety deposit boxes, along with a restaurant serving Asian-European cuisine, a bar, 24/7 room service, and free Wi-Fi, ensure every need is met with the highest standards of hospitality.


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  • Phone: 0905432992
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