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Top 10 best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang

As the Lunar New Year approaches, the air in Da Nang is filled with an invigorating blend of excitement and nostalgia. At Hanami Hotel Danang, we find ourselves reflecting on the beauty and warmth that Tet brings to our beloved city, and we are eager to share with you the best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang – a list curated with love and local insight.

Join us as we embark on a journey through Da Nang’s festive streets, exploring the hidden gems and popular haunts that come alive during Tet. We invite you to feel the pulse of the city through our eyes, to embrace the joy, the reflection, and the hope that the Lunar New Year symbolizes. Let’s discover together why Da Nang, with its unique blend of culture and natural beauty, should be at the top of your list for a Tet holiday that promises to be unforgettable.

The best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Places to go for Tet in Da Nang

Sun World Da Nang

Established and operational in 2014, Sun World Da Nang has attracted a multitude of Vietnamese and international tourists for its experiences. Unsurprisingly, Sun World has gradually become regarded as a symbol of tourism for the city by the people of Da Nang. The emergence of Sun World has undoubtedly enriched and further developed Da Nang’s tourism industry.

Visiting Sun World Da Nang, you will have the opportunity to enjoy countless exciting games and savor a variety of cuisines, not only from Vietnam but also from many other countries.

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Sun World

Directions to Sun World

There are many ways for tourists to reach Sun World Da Nang. If traveling to Da Nang by various means and services, visitors can directly contact a taxi to pick them up right at their chosen hotel.

Alternatively, if visitors have their own transport, they can travel from the city center along Vo Nguyen Giap street, then circle back to Ho Xuan Huong street. Continue past Tien Son bridge area, then turn right onto Lotte street. Here, visitors can easily spot Dai Nam road signs, and follow them to find Sun World Da Nang. Additionally, tourists can ask local residents for directions to easily navigate to the amusement park.

Opening hours

The opening hours of Sun World Da Nang amusement park are from Monday to Sunday. During the Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year) 2024, the park will open at different times:

  • From 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM daily
  • From 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM on the first, second, and third days of Tet

Some attractions at Sun World Da Nang

Sun Wheel

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Sun Wheel

At Sun World Da Nang, visitors will have the chance to experience a wide range of games that cater to all emotions, from high-speed, adventurous to extremely entertaining ones. Therefore, it is suitable for both children and adults. Particularly, visitors should not miss the chance to view the city from the Sun Wheel.

At a height of 115m, one can take in the entire scenery of Da Nang as well as the amusement park. In fact, the Sun Wheel is built with 64 cabins and 6 seats each, suitable for groups of friends or families.

A full rotation takes about 15 minutes, enough time for visitors to appreciate the cityscape at night. Hence, the Sun Wheel is ranked as one of the most beloved attractions by visitors.

Singapore Sling – 360-degree rotation

Named after a Singaporean drink, the Singapore Sling is an intense thrill ride built with a main axis area accommodating up to 24 seats. When operating, visitors will be continuously rotated for 2 minutes with several aerial flips, providing a completely stimulating brain sensation.

Queen Cobra – High-speed roller coaster

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Queen Cobra – High-speed roller coaster

This is one of the rides that is not too unfamiliar to those who love thrills. Visitors will be securely fastened on trains designed with winding tracks. As the train starts, it slowly ascends, giving passengers enough time to admire the amusement park from above.

Then it moves at a speed of 80km/h with many strong somersaults. Those who are afraid of intense sensations should consider before participating in this ride!

Angry Motors – Bumper cars

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Angry Motors at Helio

Also known as bumper cars, this is one of the games you should not miss at Sun World. This game will challenge the driving skills of visitors, with exciting bumping and chasing maneuvers. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join in and go all out with this game!

Helio Center

Spanning an impressive 1000 m2, Helio Center boasts a grand investment with hundreds of modern gaming machines imported from various countries around the world. Helio Center is confident in meeting all entertainment needs for both children and adults.

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Helio Center

Where is Helio Center located and what are its opening hours?

Situated at number 1 on 2/9 street, the Helio Center amusement area is easily recognizable as it lies on the main thoroughfare of the city and is extremely convenient to access. Notably, Helio Center is close to famous tourist spots such as the Dragon Bridge, Apec Park, and Asia Park, which draws the attention of many customers.

Helio Center is open most days of the week. However, during holidays and festivals, the amusement area tends to extend its opening hours to allow visitors to enjoy themselves fully.

16:00 – 22:30: All days of the week 16:00 – 23:00: On holidays and festival days such as the first, second, and third days of the Lunar New Year,…

What to eat and do at Helio Center?

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Have fun at Helio

At Helio Center, visitors will experience a multitude of games ranging from gentle, soothing ones to thrilling rides such as: claw machines, boat driving lessons, ice skating, bumper cars, high-speed carousels, water jets, ball houses, and more.

Especially for preschool children, this will be a fantastic playground. Helio has up to 30 playrooms with numerous games where kids can freely have fun to their heart’s content, satisfying their passion for exploration and their lively, curious nature.

After a time of play, when visitors start to feel tired, they cannot miss the Food & Beverage area. Here, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of distinctive dishes from many countries. Besides Vietnamese cuisine, the Food & Beverage area attracts customers with Asian foods served at different stalls: Japanese food stall, Korean food stall, Thai food stall, and more.

Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula

For the Vietnamese, Tet is not only about bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming a new one but also carries various other cultural and religious values. Apart from ancestral worship rituals, festivities and recreational activities, Vietnamese people often visit temples and pagodas to pray for luck and peace for their families, wishing for a prosperous new year.

Linh Ung Pagoda was inaugurated on July 30, 2010, and has become a spiritual tourism destination in Da Nang City. Surrounded by a serene natural landscape, it has left many visitors with unforgettable memories. Annually, this temple attracts people from Da Nang and tourists to relax and seek serenity in this sacred and tranquil place.

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula

Directions to Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula

Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra Peninsula is about 10km from the city center. Viewed from above, one would be amazed by the majestic natural scenery enclosing the pagoda, which leans against the peninsula and faces the East Sea, with the beautiful Hai Van Pass in the distance.

Starting from Da Nang’s Dragon Bridge: For convenience, visitors can use Google Maps to locate and follow the closest route. Starting from the Dragon Bridge, you can take Vo Van Kiet road towards the coast. Continue by turning left on to Vo Nguyen Giap road; from a distance, you will be able to see the towering Bodhisattva statue amidst the landscape. Just go straight and you will reach the pagoda.

Starting from the central Da Nang bus station: Move to Nguyen Tat Thanh road, keep following the direction of Thuan Phuoc Bridge. After crossing the bridge, move along Le Duc Tho road until you reach the intersection with Hoang Sa road, then turn left. Finally, go straight to get to Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula.

The beauty of Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula

What impresses visitors the most about Linh Ung Pagoda is the country’s tallest statue of the Goddess of Mercy. Any visitor to Linh Ung Pagoda must look up at the 67m tall statue – equivalent in height to a 17-story building. In fact, the statue is placed on top of a hill more than 100m high with the base of the lotus tower spanning 35m wide.

The statue faces the East Sea, with one hand holding a water jar and the other in a zen gesture. Thanks to its ideal location, from the moment you set foot in the pagoda, visitors can feel the cool, fresh air under the shade of trees.

The deeper you go into the pagoda, the more solemn and respectful the atmosphere becomes. With its prime location, unique architecture, and the beauty of its surrounding natural scenery, it captivates any tourist upon their visit.

Not only a sightseeing spot for tourists, but this place is also a spiritual tourist destination in Da Nang. Having gathered the spiritual essence of the land, sky, and people’s hearts, along with its holiness affirmed for over a decade, the pagoda has attracted millions of worshippers.


My Khe Beach

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
My Khe Beach

Hailed as one of the most enchanting beaches on the planet, My Khe Beach has lived up to that reputation by attracting a large number of tourists year-round. Visitors are not only captivated by its beauty, picturesque scenery, and fresh air but also by the bustling recreational activities that occur throughout the year. Therefore, missing out on My Khe Beach during the spring travel season would be a regrettable oversight.

Where is My Khe beach located?

Located just 3 km away from the center of Da Nang City, visitors can easily spot My Khe Beach stretching along Vo Nguyen Giap street as they travel straight from the Dragon Bridge.

The advantageous location near other tourist attractions such as the Dragon Bridge, Son Tra Peninsula, Linh Ung Pagoda, etc., contributes to the always-busy atmosphere and the great interest it draws from tourists.

Distinct features of My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach has all the elements needed to support a wide range of outdoor activities. On favorable weather days, visitors can confidently participate in various water activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and beach sports; besides, they can enjoy exciting musical entertainment activities.

With the development of tourism at My Khe Beach, a dedicated lifeguard team is always on duty to ensure the security and safety of visitors. Guests are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the clear blue water, white sand, cool coconut shadows, and are likely to appreciate it being rated as the cleanest beach in Vietnam.

Furthermore, Vo Nguyen Giap street is lined with a range of high-class hotels and luxury villas that cater well to the rest and relaxation needs of visitors when they come to Da Nang.

New Phuong Dong

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
New Phuong Dong at Da nang

Da Nang could be described as a city that knows how to please with its beautiful beaches, unique bridges facing the sea, and majestic natural landscapes. When Da Nang comes alive at night, the city bustles with energetic bars that entertain visitors from all around.

One of the famous bars in Da Nang that you should experience during the spring is New Phuong Dong, located at 20 Dong Da, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. New Phuong Dong can be easily recognized by its wide front and modern, prominent design. New Phuong Dong stands out as the largest and most bustling bar in Da Nang, with a total area of up to 2000 square meters and a capacity of over a thousand people.

For guests who visit New Phuong Dong for the first time, they would be impressed by its grand stage ideally situated in the center and three performance floors. The stage stands out with visually compelling images displayed on the most modern LED screens in Vietnam, cutting-edge lighting techniques, and an architecture featuring complete virtual reality combined with top-notch music.

Although New Phuong Dong has been around for a long time, it continues to maintain its good standing, with more and more young people flocking there. To meet the increasingly high demands of young people, New Phuong Dong regularly organizes performances by famous artists that are highly appealing.

Every night, the venue features quality DJs combined with fiery music sets. Performances specifically crafted for New Phuong Dong will keep you continuously moving and singing along to familiar tunes.

Remarkably, New Phuong Dong boasts a diverse drink menu, with food offering exquisite flavors. A team of professional dancers reaching dozens in number and a dedicated staff team regularly update their programs to bring novelty and suit diverse guests. Encounters at New Phuong Dong promise to deliver new and exciting emotional experiences for visitors.

Notably, New Phuong Dong boasts a diverse drink menu, with food offering exquisite flavors

Contact information:

  • Address: 20 Dong Da, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0766 303 079
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 20:00 – 03:00

Hai Van Pass

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Hai Van Pass

You may not know that Hai Van Pass is one of the most sought-after places to visit during Tet in Da Nang for taking stunning photos. For those who love the grandeur of nature, with its overlapping mountains and fresh air, Hai Van Pass meets all these criteria.

For those who have traveled between Da Nang and Hue, the pass is no stranger as it is dubbed the most beautiful road in the world. With its magnificent beauty, nestled among majestic forests and romantic waters, Hai Van Pass not only attracts nature lovers but also challenges many adventurers who are passionate about exploration.

Directions to Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is about 30km from the city center. Starting from the city center, travelers follow Nguyen Tat Thanh road along the coast. After finishing Nguyen Tat Thanh road, turn into Nguyen Luong Bang Road.

Continue for a few more kilometers until you reach a large intersection, where going straight will take you to Hai Van Pass, while turning left will lead to the tunnel.

What’s special about Hai Van Pass?

Stretching along the length of Hai Van Mountain, it serves as the boundary between Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city. Hai Van Pass is 500m above sea level and extends for 20km.

It can be said that Hai Van Pass is a masterpiece bestowed by nature upon Vietnam, with a treacherous route that is nevertheless breathtaking due to the embrace of majestic mountains, rivers, and floating clouds that seem almost unconquerable. Not only does it impress with its natural scenery, but it also retains many values in the long history of Vietnam. The feeling of conquest is what delights tourists when they come to Hai Van Pass.

Along the 20km stretch are coastal roads with U-turns that are sure to excite you. The majestic and spectacular yet poetic nature unfolds before your eyes, making it impossible to miss out on taking check-in photos. Especially, the air here is extremely fresh, providing visitors with very peaceful and relaxing experiences.

Cu Lao Cham

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham, also known as Cham Bất Lao, includes one main island and eight surrounding islets. Since tourism has not been widely developed here, it still retains its wild and magnificent beauty. In 2009, UNESCO recognized it as one of the world’s biosphere reserves. Since then, this archipelago has been licensed for tourism exploitation and promotion.

Ticket prices for visiting

  • Cu Lao Cham Entrance fee: 70,000 VND/person
  • Ecological fee: 20,000 VND/person

Some recreational spots in Cu Lao Cham

Wind waist Cu Lao Cham

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Wind waist Cu Lao Cham

Eo Gio Cu Lao Cham is located on the east side of the island cluster and is about 3km away from Bai Lang residential area. Most visitors here do not miss the moment to watch the sunrise or sunset. Eo Gio is embraced by verdant mountains and an endless sea and sky.

For a long time, Eo Gio has become a solid support closely associated with the fishing life of the locals.

The ancient well over 200 years old of the Cham people

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Ancient well at Cu Lao Cham

Built over 200 years ago, the Ancient Well features the characteristics of the ancient Cham wells and is located in the residential area of Cam village. Surrounded by the sea on all sides, it is the only source of fresh water on the island that is not saline or alkaline.

Local people still preserve the culture that drinking well water can cure seasickness, bring success in love, and help bear children. Therefore, this place has become an attractive tourist destination when visitors come to this beautiful island.

The road of corn poppy flowers

The Road of Corn Poppy Flowers is a place that piques the curiosity of many visitors to Cu Lao Cham. Typically, corn poppy flowers bloom at the end of summer and last until early autumn.

During the blooming season, visitors can admire the bright red flowers along Bai Lang road. Despite harsh weather, the corn poppy plant still grows vigorously, symbolizing the resilient spirit of the people of Central Vietnam in the face of hardship.

Ba Na Hills

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Ba Na Hills

A must-visit destination on the list of places to visit during Tet in Da Nang that you should not miss is Ba Na Hills. It’s unclear when Ba Na Hills was dubbed “a miniature Europe in the heart of Da Nang.”

Perhaps it’s because of its cool climate and countless picturesque check-in spots. Ba Na Hills also attracts many visitors with its development of various entertainment, dining, and shopping activities.

Directions to Ba Na Hills

The Ba Na Hills tourist area is about 35km from the center of Da Nang City. To get to Ba Na Hills, visitors must travel from Da Nang to the foot of the mountain, then from there ascend to the top of Ba Na.

Depending on their needs and schedule, visitors can choose different means of transportation such as taxis, motorbikes, or Ba Na shuttle buses.

What’s special about Ba Na Hills?

If you are looking to capture Tet photos with a classic European architectural style, Ba Na Hills is an excellent suggestion that you should not overlook. With a harmonious combination of beautiful natural landscapes and uniquely carved buildings amidst the mountains and forests, it’s undeniable that this place has become the most sought-after spring destination every Tet season.

Moreover, everyone will be amazed on their first visit to Ba Na by the superlative view from the Golden Bridge. At an altitude of 1414m above sea level, the Golden Bridge is impressively designed with a captivating curve in the vast space, suspended mid-air. From any position on the bridge, tourists can easily admire the harmonious mountain and water scenery.

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A fresh and unique construction, the Golden Bridge has quickly become a new and highly attractive check-in spot due to the incredible experience of walking above the clouds. It rightfully belongs on the list of exciting Tet holiday destinations in Da Nang.

Than Tai Mountain Tourist Area in Da Nang

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Than Tai Mountain Tourist Area in Da Nang

The Than Tai Mountain tourist area is part of the Ba Na – Nui Chua Nature Reserve in Da Nang. About 30km from the city center, although Than Tai Mountain does not attract young people as much as other tourist areas, with its long history, it has become an integral part of Da Nang’s tourism, preserving many national cultural and historical values.

Directions to Than Tai Mountain

There are two most common ways to travel to Than Tai Mountain in Da Nang. The first way is to follow the Ba Na – Nui Mo – Nui Thanh road. The second way is to go along National Highway 14G – 14B. When traveling in groups or with family, you can move by self-drive car or taxi. Alternatively, if you enjoy backpacking, a motorbike would be a great suggestion for you.

What to do at Than Tai Mountain?

During the Tet holidays, the climate at Than Tai Mountain tourist area is quite cool and comfortable. Therefore, visitors can freely explore and participate in many attractive recreational areas here.

Da Nang Jura Park

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Da Nang Jura Park

Da Nang Jura Park is a high-quality dinosaur park that is completely free to enter, located within the Than Tai Mountain tourist area in Da Nang.

At the dinosaur park, visitors can admire dinosaur statues up to 30 meters tall, designed to look as lifelike as possible, adding a unique feature to this tourist area. With more than 100 dinosaur models of 60 different species, all promise to bring the most interesting experiences to visitors’ holidays.

Visit Than Tai Temple

For a long time, Than Tai Mountain has also become a spiritual tourism destination that many visitors come to during holidays and Tet. The temple is designed in the ancient architectural style of old temples, with a space full of green trees, very serene. Many visitors come here to stroll and find a bit of peace for their souls.

In addition, you should also visit the Orchid Flower Road, fruit garden,… If you have the opportunity to come to this tourist area, you should wish for smooth sailing and a fulfilling life. Moreover, from here, looking far away, surrounded by fresh green trees and rolling hills, visitors can also see the hot mineral springs at Than Tai Mountain.

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Visit Than Tai Temple

Experience the new and unique Japanese-standard onsen bath in Da Nang

One of the “top” resort and health care services at Than Tai Mountain Hot Springs Park is the Onsen Bath. With its prime location near the camping area and the square, the space is spacious and surrounded by many green trees and rocks.

Not necessarily only on weekends, during the spring travel season, you can visit with your family and experience this resort service.

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
onsen bath in Da Nang

Fun water park

The water park is one of the most attractive and popular recreational spots in this tourist area. The water park covers an area of about 15,000 m2, including a wave pool, a bird’s nest area for children to play, Dragon Stone capturing precious gems, especially with a 6-lane slide up to 92m long, suitable for those who love thrills.

Therefore, when visiting Than Tai Mountain in Da Nang, visitors and their families and friends will be able to freely have fun in the cool, clear water.

Trinh Cafe

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Trinh Cafe

Established and operational since 2018, Trinh Cafe carries the ancient and rustic style of Vietnam in the 80s and 90s. With a spacious, cool, and green garden with many trees. Trinh Cafe is like a miniature garden equipped with wooden houses, stone walls, and a small water pond…

Visitors can feel the wind whistling, the rustling leaves, the sound of water in the fish pond splashing,… All create a space that is close and deeply nostalgic. Architecturally, Trinh Coffee Nguyen Huu Tho is the largest facility and has many beautiful corners in the system of 3 facilities.

The buildings are designed and constructed based on the beauty of old Vietnamese houses, with tiled roofs, rough brick walls, and wooden furniture.

As for the drink menu at Trinh, it varies from coffee to tea cakes. Trinh is always careful and meticulous in selecting ingredients to ensure that you get the best and freshest drinks.

The most prominent is still the rich and creamy butter coffee that most customers should experience once. This type of drink originates from the tradition of drinking butter coffee by farmers to stay alert and add nutrients.

In addition, Trinh Cafe also stands out with the trio of Salt, which includes salt coffee, salt bac xiu, and salt cocoa. Each one has its own unique flavor and is reasonably priced. On the days of Tet and the coming of spring, sitting somewhere with a group of friends, sipping a drink slowly, leisurely, and feeling the Love of Trinh.

At Trinh Cafe, you will have the opportunity to experience the famous flea market activities. This will be where you can immerse yourself in the green garden, experience real product stalls along with many other minigame activities. This market is not just about buying and selling activities but also a place for customers to interact, share, and connect with each other.

Contact information:

  • Address: 25 Pham Hong Thai, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 7:30 – 23:00
  • Price range: 25,000 VND – 50,000 VND

Some Tet Holiday Travel Experiences

Choosing a Destination

For perfect experiences, careful consideration when choosing a Tet holiday destination is essential. If your trip includes elderly people and children, selecting a relaxing destination is extremely important.

On the other hand, if your trip consists of friends, bustling places with numerous entertainment activities might be an ideal choice. This will create a cheerful and dynamic atmosphere, allowing everyone to enjoy moments and create many memories at the beginning of the year.

Besides exploring famous domestic tourist spots, considering destinations recommended by Hanami can also be very appealing. During Vietnam’s Tet holidays, familiar tourist spots often become crowded, making it difficult for visitors to experience a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Type of Tourism

Currently, there are two popular forms of tourism: independent travel and organized tours. Each type offers different spiritual values and unique experiences. Depending on personal preferences, needs, and finances, travelers have different choices.

With independent travel, tourists have control over their itinerary, sightseeing locations, and eateries they want to explore. This is suitable for those who like flexibility in time and are passionate about actively conquering destinations.

Conversely, organized tours include services such as hotels, sightseeing spots, transportation, and dining locations. Thus, tourists do not need to worry about the itinerary and can focus entirely on enjoying the tour.

Means of Transportation

If you register for an organized tour, you won’t have to worry about transportation as it is included in the service package. This allows tourists to comfortably experience their chosen tourist destinations.

On the other hand, independent travelers will need to choose transportation that fits their itinerary. For nearby destinations, using a motorbike offers flexibility, especially for those who love backpacking. Additionally, when traveling with families with young children, using a car or coach provides safety and convenience for the whole family.

Best attractive places to go for Tet in Da Nang
Da Nang tourism

Reflecting on the places we’ve explored and the cultural treasures we’ve discovered, we hope that our recommendations have enriched your Tet holiday and left you with a deeper appreciation for Da Nang’s unique charm.

Whether you’re returning to relive the magic of Tet or seeking tranquility in Da Nang’s year-round allure, our doors remain open, Hanami Hotel’s service is impeccable, and our hearts are ready to welcome you back.

Nestled in the bustling An Thuong tourist district, home to a vibrant expatriate community, you’ll find a plethora of international restaurants, from American to Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Indian, and Russian cuisines, as well as fast-food outlets like burgers. The area is also dotted with coffee shops catering to the freelancer community.

Our multilingual reception staff are always on hand to assist long-staying foreign guests in making the most of their time in Da Nang. Our apartment-style rooms feature two balconies, spacious and bathed in natural light, with robust Wi-Fi internet, ensuring a quiet environment ideal for those looking to work remotely or enjoy an extended stay. From our hotel, famous tourist attractions such as Linh Ung Pagoda and Son Tra Peninsula are easily accessible.

With its prime location, state-of-the-art facilities, and a team of friendly, professional staff, Hanami Hotel Danang promises to make your stay in the coastal city of Da Nang truly remarkable.


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