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Top 3 best places for mud baths in Da Nang, Reviews by Hanami

As a receptionist at Hanami Hotel Danang, guests often ask me about the best places for mud baths in Da Nang. Coming from a stressful job in the city, I was also curious to try this unique therapy for myself. During my time off last month, I visited several spots and compiled a list of my top recommendations.

In this blog post, I want to share tips on the most rejuvenating mud bath destinations based on my experience. Join me on a journey through the various mud bath locations as I detail the sensory pleasures and therapeutic qualities that left me feeling refreshed.

Top 3 best places for mud baths in Da Nang

best places for mud baths in da nang
Top 3 best places for mud baths in Da Nang

Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa

Galina Danang Mud Bath & Spa is the first mineral mud bath and spa in Da Nang Beach, providing professional 4-star standard mud bath, massage and spa services.

Located along the beautiful My Khe Beach, Galina Danang stands out for its harmony with nature, with a unique architectural layout that highlights the surrounding landscape. Galina Da Nang is like a small island oasis with rocky mountains, lush greenery, grasslands and fragrant flower gardens.

When soaking in the hot mineral mud, you can feel the sound of the waves and hear the wind and clouds blend. On average, around 500 to 800 visitors can relax at Galina Danang Mud Bath & Spa. Each experience lasts 90-105 minutes and can be enjoyed all day.

Put into operation in July 2015, Galina Danang Mud Bath & Spa is an attractive new tourist destination in Da Nang City. Galina Danang follows the health tourism trend, emphasizing professionalism, quality, and prestige.

Galina’s mineral mud is an inorganic mineral mud obtained from the Ninh Hoa mineral mud mine (Nha Trang). The main component is sodium silicon carbonate, containing trace elements that provide many health benefits. Galina has 23 outdoor mineral pools and 48 indoor tubs, which is a considerable number, indicating a large number of visitors coming here.

Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied with the attentive and professional service provided by Galina Danang’s experienced and well-trained staff. Galina Da Nang mud bath is truly a paradise where visitors can relax and enjoy peaceful moments with loved ones and friends.

In addition, Galina also provides event space for birthdays and other celebrations. Galina Danang Mud Bath & Spa has arranged team-building rooms to increase interaction between colleagues at work. This is certainly an ideal place for companies to organize year-end tours or holiday breaks for employees. If you have a chance to visit this lovely city, this is a must-try spot.

With a convenient beachfront location, harmonious natural setting, and exceptional services, Galina Danang Mud Bath & Spa promises a thoroughly rejuvenating experience. I highly recommend visiting this premier wellness destination on your next trip to Da Nang to soak in the therapeutic mineral waters and admire the scenic seaside surroundings. Their professional staff and comprehensive amenities make Galina a relaxing sanctuary for solo travelers, couples, families and corporate groups alike. Don’t miss out on this unique attraction along Vietnam’s central coastline!

best places for mud baths in da nang
Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa

Mud bath prices at Galina Danang Mud Bath & Spa

Mineral mud bath

  • 1 – 2 guests/tub: 360,000 VND/guest
  • 3 – 4 guests/tub: 300,000 VND/guest
  • 5 – 8 guests/tub: 265,000 VND/guest
  • Children from 1 -1.3m: 180,000 VND/guest
  • Children under 1m: free ticket

Special Galina mineral mud bath

  • 1 – 4 guests/tub: 480,000 VND/guest
  • 5 – 8 guests/tub: 385,000 VND/guest
  • Children from 1 – 1.3m: 300,000 VND/guest
  • Children under 1m: free ticket


  • Address: 254 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 0511 3944 954.
  • Opening hours: 8:00-22:00

Hot Springs Park

Hot Springs Park has a cool climate year-round and is surrounded by endless mountains and forests. It is also home to unique natural hot springs and world-class resorts and entertainment activities.

If you are wondering where to get a mud bath in Da Nang, Hot Spring Park is an ideal spot. For only 200,000 VND per ticket, you can soak in the natural mineral pools, and explore the park’s various services, 4-star hotels, fine dining restaurants, and spiritual attractions.

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The park lies within Ba Na and Nui Chua nature reserves, known for gorgeous mountainous landscapes and poetic scenery. Due to its remote protected location, temperatures here are 2-3°C lower than the city center, providing a refreshing cool sensation. However, dress warmly as it can get chilly.

Immerse yourself in the warm natural mineral springs and relax in high-quality, safe mud baths. Don’t hesitate to enjoy these wonderful benefits when visiting Da Nang.

Surrounded by lush greenery and natural stone carvings, the secluded mud bath allows you to fully enjoy the experience without noise or crowds.

Nui Than Tai is highly rated for service quality and hospitality. Guests can swim, unwind, and become one with nature in the outdoor pools. The park also offers premium accommodation, dining, 4-star hotel rooms, and a world-class international restaurant.

One important note is that fresh, uncooked food or cooking equipment is strictly prohibited to preserve the area’s pristine appearance. However, pre-packaged snacks and fruit are allowed if cleaned up properly afterward.

best places for mud baths in da nang
Hot Springs Park

Mud Bath Pricing

  • Small tub: 150,000 VND per guest, 3 guests maximum per tub
  • Medium tub: 900,000 VND per tub, maximum 6 guests
  • Large tub: 1,200,000 VND per tub, maximum 8 guests
  • VIP tub: 400,000 VND per tub, maximum 2 guests


  • Address: Phu Tuc Village, Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 0941530777
  • Opening time: 08:00: 22:00
  • Website:

Phuoc Nhon mineral bath tourist area

Phuoc Nhon Tourist Complex is one of the most popular mud bath destinations in Da Nang, attracting many domestic and international visitors. Enjoy a relaxing getaway in the fresh and elegant space with modern architecture, bringing you closer to nature. With an area of 24,000 square meters, this complex is equipped with modern and luxurious facilities to provide large mud pools catering to all guests’ needs.

Phuoc Nhon Tourist Complex has an endless natural hot spring with a mineral content up to 50%, allowing visitors to unwind and relieve stress while soaking here. You can also enjoy high-quality mud baths to recover after tiring work days, helping reduce bone and joint problems and taking care of your skin to become firmer and more vibrant.

In addition to mud baths, Phuoc Nhon Tourist Complex also offers popular hot mineral bath services. The temperature here is measured at over 50 degrees Celsius, rich in minerals to help the body relax and restore health, bringing fatigued bodies back into balance. Moreover, hot mineral baths are also very suitable for cases of arthritis, sciatica, muscle strain, muscle pain, neurological stress and chronic headaches.

All bathtubs here are equipped with standard hydromassage systems to serve guests. In particular, Phuoc Nhon Tourist Complex also provides VIP all-inclusive spa services with relaxing massages and physiotherapy to help visitors become more comfortable and healthier.

Furthermore, herbal saunas also burn excess energy and remove dead cells, providing a firm and slim body. You can also try ethnic minority medicinal baths, leisurely fishing, or enjoy delicious dishes at the food court.

The restaurant in Phuoc Nhon Tourist Complex is designed in harmony with the mountainous environment, with a capacity of about 300 people. With a campfire area, exhilarating outdoor activities, and relaxation huts during the day, you can enjoy specialties such as Dong Nghe free-range chicken, Phuoc Nhon fruit spring rolls, Phuoc Nhon carp hot pot, Dong Nghe grilled frog legs and Dong Nghe grilled beef skewers.

In addition, when coming to Phuoc Nhon, you will experience services such as massage, steam bath and acupressure recovery. Treatment methods for arthritis, ENT inflammation, oral diseases, kidney, bladder, urinary tract, liver, gallbladder, intestinal, cardiovascular and mental disorders…this is truly an irresistible.

best places for mud baths in da nang
Phuoc Nhon mineral bath tourist area

Suggested Prices

  • For 1 person tub: 300,000 VND
  • For 2 person tub: 500,000 VND
  • For 3 person tub: 900,000 VND
  • For 4 person tub: 1,200,000 VND


  • Address: Phuoc Nhon tourist area, Hoa Khuong Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang.
  • Phone number: 05113872876 – 02363632999
  • Opening time: 08:00: 21:00

The benefits of natural mud baths

Skin beautification and anti-aging

Mud baths effectively detoxify the body, prevent skin damage, and, most importantly, combat aging. Aging is not only a nightmare for women but also leads to various health issues for men. Although the impacts of aging are challenging to treat, they can be minimized and reduced by regularly indulging in natural mud baths.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that mud baths have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. Mineral-rich mud contains water-absorbing substances and various minerals that are beneficial for health.

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Moreover, it helps the skin eliminate dead cells, detoxify, improve blood circulation, and prevent signs of aging. Mud baths also aid in treating and removing blackheads, leaving your skin looking healthy, youthful, and vibrant.

best places for mud baths in da nang
The benefits of natural mud baths

Treatment for internal skin conditions

For those who frequently experience skin issues such as itching, psoriasis, and eczema, natural mineral mud baths are a highly effective treatment method.

Regular mud baths help eliminate toxins from the skin and prevent itching and discomfort. After just a few mud baths, you will notice significant results. The skin becomes firmer and smoother. Thanks to its ability to regulate endocrine disorders, it can prevent and treat acne from the inside out.

Improving body function and nervous system

Mineral mud not only enhances skin beauty, prevents skin aging, and inhibits external skin conditions but also treats bone and joint diseases, effectively reducing inflammation.

It acts both chemically and physically, as well as the effectiveness of many nutrients that help stretch muscles, extend tendons, and regenerate bone, muscle, and nervous system cells due to its composition.

Because of its physicochemical properties, mineral mud has a therapeutic effect on bone and joint diseases, effectively reducing inflammation. It contains active minerals and numerous nutrients that help relieve muscle tension and promote cell regeneration.

Mud baths are highly recommended by doctors for treating conditions like arthritis, chronic joint inflammation, sciatic nerve pain, spinal pain, chronic musculoskeletal disorders, and peripheral nervous system conditions.

Mud bath process in Da Nang

  • Step 1: Soak in hot mineral water to purify the body. After changing into appropriate attire, immerse yourself in mineral water for 15 minutes to cleanse the body in a small garden with multiple underwater jets. Massage the skin with water before entering the mud bath. The basic principle is to soak in hot mineral water before mud bathing for the best results.
  • Step 2: Mud bath. This is the main step in the mud bath process, including soaking in hot mineral mud, applying mud to the face and hair, then pouring mud all over the body and massaging. You should not soak in mud for too long; usually, it takes about 15 minutes until the mud cools down.
  • Step 3: Sunbathing. After the mineral mud bath, you should sunbathe for a few minutes to allow the skin to absorb the minerals in the mud. Be cautious not to expose yourself to sunlight for an extended period, especially in hot, sunny weather.
  • Step 4: Rinse off the mud. To wash off the mud, you need to shower with warm mineral water. Avoid using very cold water or soap and shower gel, as these chemicals may wash away the remaining mineral mud layer on the skin, reducing its effectiveness.

I hope this blog post about the best places for mud baths in Da Nang has provided useful tips on finding the ideal mud bath during your Vietnam getaway. As a local Da Nang resident and employee of Hanami Hotel Danang, it was fulfilling to discover these natural treatments right in my backyard. Let me know if you have any other questions!

At Hanami Hotel Danang, we aim to provide international visitors with the warmest Vietnamese hospitality during their Vietnam getaway. Our cozy, modern rooms feature free WiFi, air conditioning, and safety deposit boxes for your convenience. We are situated only 500m from My Khe Beach and 2.9km from the airport, allowing easy access to top attractions like Linh Ung Pagoda, Son Tra Peninsula, and My Nhon Stone Village.

With friendly, English-speaking staff on hand to offer trip-planning advice, I welcome you to stay at our 3-star hotel nestled in Da Nang’s vibrant An Thuong expat neighborhood. Surrounded by western cafés and restaurants, we cater to digital nomads, long-term travelers, and anyone seeking an authentic local experience.

I hope you’ll consider Hanami Hotel Danang during your mud bath quest in central Vietnam. Please reach out with any questions – we look forward to hosting you soon!


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