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Phone Repair in Da Nang – Top 10 Most Trusted Stores

Nowadays, a mobile phone is considered an indispensable item for us. It accompanies us in our daily life, work, entertainment, and keeps us updated with information. What if our phone experiences malfunctions or damage? As a result, mobile phone repair services are growing day by day. Hanami will review the top 10 reputable and high-quality mobile phone repair shops in Da Nang for your reference!


Techcare – 133 – 135 Ham Nghi

  • Phone: 088 8888 086

TechCare is the leading technology system in Da Nang and is also the most reputable and high-quality mobile phone repair center in Da Nang City. Techcare has a team of professional technicians with advanced skills and access to modern machinery and equipment.

phone repair shops in Da Nang
TechCare – phone repair shops in Da Nang

Here, your beloved device will be repaired, and any phone issues will be addressed quickly, at very affordable prices, with same-day service. Make sure to save this address for future use, as TechCare guarantees to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Quoc Long Mobile – 176 Hoang Dieu

  • Phone: 0905 631 131

Quoc Long Mobile is one of the most reputable mobile phone repair shops in Da Nang. The store specializes in repairing all phone models, and nothing is too challenging for Quoc Long. They guarantee 100% genuine components and offer same-day replacement. At Quoc Long, you will experience the most professional service at the most affordable prices with many special offers.

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phone repair shops in Da Nang
Quoc Long Mobile

Kim Anh Mobile Phone Repair Center – 84 Ham Nghi

  • Phone: 0888 127 128

Kim Anh is a highly regarded and trusted mobile phone repair service in Da Nang. As one of the pioneers in the industry, Kim Anh promises to provide customers with the best service and superior product quality. Currently, Kim Anh offers various mobile phone repair services, including screen replacement, touch screen replacement, screen replacement, battery replacement, speaker repair, power repair, and more.

phone repair shops in Da Nang
Kim Anh Mobile Phone Repair Center

Tao Store – 110 Ham Nghi

  • Phone: 0986 070 070

With 12 years of experience in repair services, component replacement, and selling genuine iPhone products, Tao Store confidently tops the list of trusted businesses in Da Nang.

Tao Store is equipped with a 100% professional team of engineers and highly skilled technical specialists. Furthermore, the repair equipment and tools are the best, modern, and advanced, with a clear origin, ensuring that customers are completely satisfied and confident that their beloved phones are being meticulously and perfectly taken care of.

Phone Repair in Da Nang
Tao Store – Da Nang Mobile Phone Repair Shop – 09 Quang Dung

  • Phone: 1900 636 492 is a quality and affordable phone repair center in Da Nang. With a highly skilled team of technicians and state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, is committed to providing quality and reliable repair services at the lowest prices in the area, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.

ASMART Care – 56 Ham Nghi

  • Phone: 1900.636.594

Asmart Care is a highly regarded and trusted phone repair and warranty center in Da Nang. Asmart Care offers a range of services, including high-tech screen replacement, unlocking, battery replacement, casing replacement, and the supply of phone accessories. With extensive experience and a highly skilled technical team, along with warm and attentive customer service, Asmart Care ensures the utmost customer satisfaction.

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Phone Repair in Da Nang
Phone Repair in Da Nang – ASMART Care – 56 Ham Nghi

Phone Store Affordable Phone Repair in Da Nang – 03 Phan Thanh

  • Phone: 09 3434 80 79

Phone Store is a specialized retailer of genuine Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and more. It is also a reliable destination for iPhone and iPad repair services, including screen replacement. The store boasts a highly skilled team of technicians, modern equipment, and numerous promotions, ensuring customers receive quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Ngoc Toan Mobile Da Nang – 03 Ha Huy Tap

  • Phone: 0906 5555 03

Ngoc Toan Mobile specializes in affordable and reputable mobile phone repairs in Da Nang, offering services such as high-tech screen replacement, tempered glass installation, accessory replacement, and more. Ngoc Toan Mobile promises absolute customer satisfaction with its highly skilled staff and modern repair equipment.

Phone Repair in Da Nang

Phone Accessories Ba Vu – 122 – 130 Le Dinh Duong

  • Phone: 093 503 03 43

Ba Vu is a trusted address for phone repairs in Da Nang, specializing in providing phone components and services such as repairs, warranties, and software installations. With extensive experience in the field, Ba Vu is confident in satisfying everyone and can even win over the most demanding customers.

Phone Repair in Da Nang

CUONG Computer – 55/4 Ngu Hanh Son

  • Phone: 0934.891.870 – 719.741

CUONG Computer specializes in reliable phone repairs and sales, providing reasonably priced computer and phone components. Cuong Computer will undoubtedly provide you with the best service experience, with professional advice and a professional attitude from the technical team.

Phone Repair in Da Nang

In conclusion

Above are the top 10 most reputable phone repair in Da Nang that Hanami recommends for your reference and selection. We hope the information provided by Hanami will be helpful to you!

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