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The Bien Viet seafood restaurant is not just an ideal weekend getaway, but also a splendid venue to gather with friends, reunite with family and loved ones. Offering not only delectable dishes rich in oceanic flavors, but also a cozy ambiance, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after long hours of work. Let’s delve deeper into this dining establishment through the following article from Hanami Hotel Danang!

About Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant

Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant in Da Nang is the perfect choice for seafood lovers. With fresh ingredients and passionate cooking methods, the restaurant offers hearty, delicious, and memorable meals. It’s not just an ideal destination for families; Bien Viet Seafood is also perfect for romantic dates or gatherings with friends.

Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant
Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant

With the aim of helping each diner enjoy moments away from the pressures of life, Bien Viet restaurant creates a comfortable space where they can forget all the hustle and bustle of urban life. Here, relaxation comes not only from the ambiance but also from the tempting and delicious dishes.

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Quality comes with commitment

Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant stands firm in its commitment to delivering an honest and authentic dining experience. It pledges to uphold three paramount promises to its customers:

Authenticity of Products

Bien Viet guarantees that the seafood it serves is genuine and fresh, ensuring patrons receive exactly what they order with no substitutions. This means when you choose a particular type of seafood from their menu or tank, you’re getting exactly that on your plate.

Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant
Quality comes with commitment

Accuracy in Weighing

The restaurant strictly adheres to correct weighing practices, ensuring that all seafood served matches the weight promised on the menu. This commitment ensures transparency and fairness, providing customers with peace of mind that they are receiving the full quantity they pay for.

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Honest Pricing

Prices at Bien Viet are clearly listed, guaranteeing no hidden costs or surprises when the bill arrives. This practice of upfront pricing fosters trust and satisfaction among customers, making the dining experience pleasurable and straightforward.

Menu at Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant

Bien Viet Seafood restaurant is a fantastic destination for seafood lovers, boasting a wide-ranging menu that caters to all tastes. From humble dishes like mixed jellyfish, squid, clams, snails, natural crabs, and stone crabs to luxurious imported delicacies such as lobster, king crab, Canadian geoduck, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The dishes are crafted with care according to the restaurant’s unique recipes, earning high praise for their freshness, robust flavors, and irresistible allure.

Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant
steamed needle squids
Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant
some dish

Among the favorites are the grilled delights, including succulent grilled oysters and perfectly cooked grilled clams, which manage to be both affordable and delicious.

The natural stone crabs stand out for their firm, flavorful meat, offered at prices that are hard to resist. Freshly caught prawns, including tiger prawns, are available for selection, ensuring a delightful dining experience at reasonable prices. For those with a taste for the exquisite, the beautifully presented and fresh lobster sashimi is a must-try.

Beyond its stellar seafood offerings, Vietnamese Seafood restaurant also serves up delectable dishes like beef, chicken, and pork to satisfy a variety of culinary preferences. The inviting ambiance of the restaurant provides a cozy and warm atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for enjoying great food and creating lasting memories with family and friends.

Space in here

Bien Viet Seafood is right in the bustling An Thuong neighborhood, near Tran Bach Dang Street, so it’s super easy to get to. The vibe here is super comfy and diverse, with lots of seating options and primo spots. The place has this modern, open design and is decked out with everything you need to feel chill while you dig into some seafood.

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Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant

When you come to Bien Viet Seafood, you can gaze at the delicious fresh seafood and enjoy the cool sea breeze. Along with that, taking a sip of beer and savoring tasty dishes with friends creates a truly memorable experience!

Customer’s Reviews

According to the experiences of loyal customers like myself at Bien Viet Seafood, visitors often praise the delicious food and professional service. Particularly, foreign guests always commend the quality of the food and the friendly, attentive service. This demonstrates the diversity and quality of the dishes at the restaurant, as well as the attentive care provided by the staff.

Moreover, Bien Viet Seafood restaurant also receives high ratings on Google Maps, with a score of 4.8 stars based on over 1200 reviews. This reflects the satisfaction and trust from customers, serving as evidence of the restaurant’s quality and reputation within the online community.

Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant
Customer’s Reviews
Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant
Customer’s Reviews


In conclusion, dining at Bien Viet Seafood Restaurant transcends the usual eating out experience; it’s a journey that touches every sense. From the moment you step in, you’re embraced by an atmosphere that whispers tales of the sea, setting the stage for a feast that pays homage to the ocean’s bounty. The food, fresh and expertly prepared, speaks of the kitchen’s dedication to honoring each ingredient’s purity and essence. For anyone visiting Da Nang, a meal at Bien Viet isn’t just recommended—it’s a must, to fully savor what this beautiful coastal city has to offer.

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