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Top 8 Best Roller Skate Stores in Da Nang

As an avid roller skating enthusiast working at the Hanami Hotel Danang, I was eager to explore the best roller skate stores in Da Nang. After considerable time spent pursuing the perfect pair of skates, I’m thrilled to share my top 8 picks for the best roller skate stores in the city. When I visit these shops, I don’t just see stores – I see hubs of passion and expertise where every visit promises a personalized glimpse into the vibrant world of roller skating.

To all who share my passion for roller skating, I cannot recommend exploring these shops highly enough. More than stores, they have been sources of community, growth, and cherished memories on my personal skating journey. I’m excited for you to discover your own meaningful experiences within their welcoming walls.

Top 8 Best Roller Skate Stores in Da Nang

best roller skate stores in da nang
Top 8 Best Roller Skate Stores in Da Nang

The World of Roller Skates

The first name that we at Hanami are eager to introduce to our fellow roller skating enthusiasts is The World of Roller Skates. This brand stands as a leader in the sports industry, with over 23 years of establishment and development.

We have found that the company is dedicated to delivering the most reputable and high-quality products and services to its customers. With the slogan “Customers are the breath,” The World of Roller Skates consistently strives to innovate, creating new and exciting experiences for customers like us every day.

best roller skate stores in da nang
The World of Roller Skates

With numerous branches across the country, The World of Roller Skates has gained our trust for its quality. Each product comes with a long-term warranty, featuring sturdy frames and bases, and smooth-rolling wheels, ensuring safety for users like us. Moreover, the brand stays ahead in terms of design by regularly updating its collection with the latest models in the market, which we appreciate.

The store operates with the following commitments that align with our expectations:

  • Products are guaranteed to be genuine and of high quality.
  • Over 100 diverse models are available.
  • Serving over 1000 customers each month.
  • Ensuring policies for services, warranty, exchange, and delivery.

With 25 branches nationwide, The World of Roller Skates upholds the principle that “quality builds the brand,” making it our number-one choice in the sports industry to expand its brand internationally. Given these reasons, we believe there’s no reason for fellow roller skating enthusiasts to miss out on this address!


  • Address: 372 Hung Vuong, Vinh Trung, Thanh Khe, Da Nang City
  • Phone number: 0923 386 268
  • Website:

Boxing Store

Boxing Store is a notable establishment in Da Nang known for its high-quality sports equipment and accessories. We were particularly impressed by their collection of roller skates, which boast sturdy frames and smooth-rolling wheels, ensuring the safety of users.

best roller skate stores in da nang
Boxing Store

Our personal experience with Boxing Store revealed several reasons why it stands out as a preferred choice:

  • Diverse and aesthetically pleasing shoe designs are available in various sizes: We found the range of designs appealing, catering to different tastes and preferences.
  • High-quality products with long-lasting durability: The roller skates we examined were robust and built to last, reflecting the store’s commitment to quality.
  • A variety of sports equipment and accessories are also available for purchase: This added variety makes the Boxing Store a one-stop shop for sports enthusiasts like us.
  • Convenient home delivery service: We appreciate this service, which adds to the overall convenience of shopping at the Boxing Store.
  • Enthusiastic and friendly staff for personalized advice: The staff was knowledgeable and eager to assist, enhancing our shopping experience.
  • All products come with a good warranty policy: This policy provides an added layer of assurance for customers.

We found it to be a go-to destination for those seeking both quality and variety in roller skates and sports-related accessories. We believe that customers can expect a wide selection of stylish and durable roller skates, along with excellent customer service.


  • Address: 05 Hoa Minh 16, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 0935 678 612
  • Website:

JINPI Children’s World

Hanami is excited to introduce JINPI Children’s World, a noteworthy destination for those seeking affordable and reliable roller skates. Recognized as a reputable name in the field of importing and distributing genuine roller skates, JINPI stands out for its reasonable prices and exceptionally professional service.

Beyond roller skates, JINPI Children’s World also offers a range of sports toys for children and various other accessories. The company ensures that all products have a clear origin, providing customers with complete peace of mind during their shopping experience.

best roller skate stores in da nang
JINPI Children’s World

For customer convenience, JINPI provides comprehensive information, images, and prices of products on its website. This allows customers to easily choose suitable products while saving time. Additionally, the store supports nationwide delivery, further enhancing its customer service.

JINPI also runs numerous promotional programs aimed at maximizing customer benefits. Therefore, if you are in need of roller skates, we invite you to visit the address provided below. We believe that shopping at JINPI Children’s World will be a memorable experience!


  • Address: 262 Hai Phong, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 0905 812 885
  • Website:

CoCo Patin Shop

CoCo Patin Shop stands out for its commitment to providing entirely genuine products with clear labels and origins, ensuring customers can trust the quality of their authentically imported items. The range of roller skates on offer is diverse, catering to various needs and budgets, from affordable options to high-end and professional models.

Visiting CoCo Patin Shop, customers will experience professional service and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of roller skating, a sport full of freedom and allure. The shop creates an environment that not only showcases the exciting aspects of the sport but also allows customers to enjoy the atmosphere it creates.

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best roller skate stores in da nang
CoCo Patin Shop

In addition, CoCo Patin Shop offers a long-term warranty policy, providing free repair and replacement of components and accessories at competitive prices. As a bonus, customers receive complimentary ice skating tickets for a year at the shop’s ice skating rinks with their purchase. This thoughtful gesture, along with consistent promotional programs and perks, ensures customer confidence in their purchases.

Patin CoCo Shop also specializes in providing smart toys for children, including:

  • Roller skates with wheels
  • Balance scooters
  • Electric balance bikes

CoCo Patin Shop is a reliable destination for those seeking quality roller skates and smart toys for children.


  • Address: 2nd Floor – 294 Nui Thanh, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 023 6653 5999 & 0922 433 222
  • Website:

Patin Blue Team

Our experience confirmed that affordable roller skates can indeed be found at PATIN Blue Team, an establishment that has built strong trust with customers and the community throughout its operation.

When we visited the PATIN Blue Team store, we received guidance from their staff on the most suitable roller skate models. This personalized service boosted our confidence in participating in the sport of roller skating, making the shopping experience enjoyable and informative.

best roller skate stores in da nang
Patin Blue Team

PATIN Blue Team provides numerous roller skate models from world-renowned brands such as Seba, Flying Eagle, Micro, Powerslide, and more. We appreciated the diversity of their offerings, which cater to various needs, from affordable and high-quality roller skates to professional-grade models, including roller skates for children and adults. We are confident that customers will find their favorite roller skate model here.

Our personal experience revealed several benefits of shopping at PATIN Blue Team:

  • Authentic and high-quality products: The roller skates we examined were of high quality and from reputable brands.
  • Different sizes and designs are available: We found a wide range of options catering to different tastes and preferences.
  • Customers enjoy long-term warranty benefits and discounts for roller skate components: These benefits provide added value and assurance for customers.
  • A young, enthusiastic, and dynamic team of instructors to guide your roller skating experience: The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about roller skating, enhancing our learning experience.
  • Regularly organize safe and educational roller skating events for youth: These events demonstrate the store’s commitment to promoting the sport among the younger generation.
  • Attentive and cheerful staff for personalized advice: The staff were friendly and eager to assist, making our shopping experience enjoyable.
  • The spacious product display area, allowing you to try before you buy: This feature adds to the overall convenience of shopping at PATIN Blue Team.

We found it to be a reliable destination for those seeking both quality and variety in roller skates. We believe that customers can expect a wide selection of stylish and durable roller skates, along with excellent customer service.


  • Address: 64 Ta Hien, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 0905 853 863
  • Fanpage:

Roller Skates Pigo

Roller Skates Pigo is a specialized shop in Da Nang providing training equipment for various street sports such as roller skating, skateboarding, electric balance bikes, scooters, and more. We were particularly impressed by their creatively designed roller skate models, which come in diverse colors and are competitively priced compared to many other roller skate stores.

In addition to roller skates, Roller Skates Pigo is a distributor of a variety of roller skate accessories, including protective gear, backpacks, helmets, shoe bags, and wheels with lights. This wide range of offerings makes it a one-stop shop for all roller skating needs.

One aspect that stood out during our visit was Roller Skates Pigo’s commitment to quality. The store refuses to compromise on this, saying no to products sold outside the market without a valid red invoice. This dedication to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service resonated with us at Hanami.

best roller skate stores in da nang
Roller Skates Pigo

Moreover, the store offers free doorstep delivery and provides specific instructions for young ones who are new to skating. For customers in other provinces who are unfamiliar with skating, Roller Skates Pigo has a team of teachers who can provide online guidance and adjust the child’s steps after 30 minutes. This level of customer care and support is commendable and sets Roller Skates Pigo apart from many other stores.

Roller Skates Pigo brings customers a wide range of roller skate models in various sizes from renowned global brands. Based on our experience, we believe there are many exciting things waiting for you to explore at Roller Skates Pigo. We encourage you to visit today to receive wonderful experiences.


  • Address: K59 Ngo Chan Luu, Hoa Minh, Lien Chieu, Da Nang.
  • Phone number: 0982 811 319 or 0905 715 007
  • Fanpage:

Roller Skates Da Nang

Roller Skates Da Nang is one of our favored roller skate stores for children, highly preferred by many parents including us at Hanami. We find that the shoes here are of high quality, durable, and entirely safe for users, especially for children.

The advantage of Roller Skates Da Nang that we appreciate lies in its continuous updates with the latest models from renowned designers in the market. In addition to roller skates, we can find a variety of sports and entertainment products for our children’s daily play and development.

best roller skate stores in da nang
Roller Skates Da Nang

Why do we consider Roller Skates Da Nang a popular choice?

  • Spacious, elegant, and convenient shopping area.
  • High-quality roller skates that provide a smooth and safe skating experience.
  • Modern and attractive roller skate designs.
  • Various sizes are available for children to choose from.
  • Friendly and enthusiastic sales staff.
  • Long-term warranty policy.
  • A range of protective accessories for children to use while roller skating.

Therefore, we believe this is a store that parents should not miss out on when looking for roller skates for their children!


  • Address: 458 Dien Bien Phu, Thanh Khe Dong, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 079 949 9799
  • Facebook:

Established in 2009, is a store that we at Hanami have come to appreciate for its focus on providing quality and affordable roller skate products. Driven by the owner’s passion, the business started as a store specializing in selling roller skates and has since expanded into a chain of retail stores offering a variety of products, including roller skates, skateboards, and athletic shoes for both men and women.


When we purchase from, we find that the store’s team provides attentive and comprehensive guidance. Depending on our needs, the store offers options for learning at the park or practicing at home. Moreover, we appreciate the various promotions the store provides.

best roller skate stores in da nang

Additionally, expert consultants guide us on how to purchase skates diligently, differentiate between types of skates, and understand their quality.

Furthermore, after receiving advice, we are guided on how to care for our skates to maximize their usage. We have found advantageous promotions depending on the timing of our purchases at, such as discounts, free usage tutorials, or extended warranty periods.


  • Address: 107 Ham Nghi, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 1800 6598
  • Website:

Introduction to Roller Skates

best roller skate stores in da nang
Introduction to Roller Skates

What are roller skates?

Roller skates are a type of footwear with wheels attached to the sole. Most roller skates have a fixed boot with a high top. The wheels are sturdy and comfortable, facilitating smooth gliding movements. The main components of roller skates typically include the boot, inner lining, wheels, bearings, frame, and lock.

Roller skates are designed to provide stability and support for the ankles, allowing individuals to easily execute sliding maneuvers. The wheels are strategically positioned to ensure balance while offering a smooth skating experience. The construction of roller skates may vary, with traditional quad skates featuring four wheels arranged in a two-by-two configuration, and inline skates having a single line of wheels.

What Types of Roller Skates Are Out There?

Exploring the variety of roller skates adds an exciting dimension to the skating experience. Let’s dive into the different types:

Type of roller skates Characteristic
Quad Skates These classic skates feature four wheels, arranged in pairs at the front and back of each shoe. Quad skates are timeless and widely embraced.
Inline Skates For those seeking speed and long-distance adventures, inline skates arrange their wheels in a single line along the length of the shoe.
Artistic Skates Crafted for artistic maneuvers and quick footwork, these skates elevate the skating experience to a form of expression.

Each type brings its own flair to the skating world, catering to various preferences and skill levels. Whether it’s the traditional charm of quad skates or the speed of inline skates, we believe there’s a perfect pair for everyone.

The Benefits of Roller Skating

Engaging in roller skating isn’t just a sport; it’s a gateway to a multitude of benefits, especially for youngsters. Parents often ponder whether to introduce their children to roller skating and rightfully so. Let’s delve into the advantages that come with lacing up those skates:

  • Calorie Burning and Weight Control: Roller skating aids in burning excess fat, managing weight, and reducing the risk of obesity in children.
  • Cardiovascular Health: The activity helps prevent heart diseases and enhances energy metabolism, contributing to a healthier cardiovascular system.
  • Balance Improvement: Roller skating teaches kids how to maintain balance effectively, promoting better posture and potentially aiding in height growth.
  • Social Interaction: By spending time roller skating, children increase their interaction with others, fostering improved communication skills.
  • Confidence, Flexibility, and Activity: Roller skating builds confidence, enhances flexibility, and provides a healthy alternative to screen time for children.

Encouraging children to embrace roller skating not only brings joy and entertainment but also nurtures their physical and social development. At Hanami, we believe in the holistic benefits that roller skating can offer to the younger generation. Let’s roll towards a healthier, more active future together!

What to Consider When Choosing Roller Skates

Choosing the right pair of roller skates is a thrilling yet crucial decision. Hanami understands the importance of finding the perfect fit for your skating adventures. Here are our personal tips to guide you through the process:

Notes Characteristic
Size Matters Finding the right size is paramount. Ill-fitting skates can lead to discomfort and even accidents. Measure your foot size accurately and refer to sizing charts provided by manufacturers.
Boot Type The type of boot can significantly impact your performance. High-top boots offer more ankle support, making them ideal for beginners, while low-top boots provide greater flexibility and are favored by advanced skaters.
Wheel Durometer Pay attention to the hardness of the wheels, known as durometer. Softer wheels provide better grip, suitable for indoor skating, while harder wheels are ideal for outdoor terrains.
Wheel Configuration Consider the wheel configuration—four wheels in a line (inline) or two pairs of two (quad). Each configuration offers a distinct skating experience; choose based on your preference.
Brake System Roller skates come in a variety of price ranges. Set a budget and explore options within that range, ensuring you get quality without overspending.

I hope this article provides fellow skating enthusiasts with the perfect starting point to begin their adventures in discovering the best roller skate stores in Da Nang. Happy skating!

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