As an employee of Hanami Hotel Danang, I am delighted to share with you a handpicked list of the top 8 best art classes for kids in Da Nang. Each of these classes offers a unique opportunity for children to explore their artistic talents in a supportive and inspiring environment.

From traditional Vietnamese painting techniques to modern multimedia workshops, there is something for every young artist to discover. With experienced instructors guiding each step, your child will not only learn new skills but also gain confidence in expressing their creativity.

Whether you are visiting Da Nang for the first time or are a local looking for new areas to engage your kids, I invite you to join Hanami in taking a look at these top 8 places.

Benefits of Enrolling Children in Art Classes

Enrolling children in art classes brings numerous significant advantages for their development. Here are the primary benefits when children participate in art classes:

  • Foster Creative Thinking: Drawing fosters creativity, allowing children to freely express their ideas and imagination.
  • Improve Observation Skills: Drawing requires keen observation of details, enhancing children’s awareness of colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Develop Hand-Eye Coordination: Art classes help refine children’s hand-eye coordination as they manipulate pencils and brushes to create precise lines and colors.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Drawing provides a therapeutic outlet for children to express themselves, aiding in stress reduction and mental relaxation.
  • Enhance Social Skills: Art classes encourage communication, collaboration, and sharing among peers, fostering the development of social skills.

Criteria for Finding Art Classes for Children

When searching for art classes for children, there are several important criteria to consider to ensure that your child has the best experience:

Training Objectives and Curriculum:

Assess whether the art class aligns with your desires for your child. Teaching methods vary based on each training objective. Therefore, you need to determine whether your child needs to learn basic drawing techniques or focus on creativity and imagination. Additionally, the curriculum should be tailored to suit the child’s age and skill level. The teaching content must be well-structured, with specific and easily understandable instructions.

Teacher Experience:

Teachers are the most crucial factor in art classes. They need to be competent and experienced in delivering lessons vividly and engagingly to students. The teaching staff must be attentive, supportive, and caring towards the children. If teachers do not understand the psychology of children, it can lead to instances where the child feels uncomfortable after class. Therefore, knowing that teachers can meet the needs of the children will provide you with peace of mind when sending your child to class.

Learning Environment:

The learning environment should be safe, spacious, and airy to ensure that children feel comfortable during the learning process. This creates an attractive learning and playing space, providing good motivation for children to attend classes. Practical activities should also be included so that children can learn, experience, and develop their drawing skills. Additionally, the art class should be conveniently located and easily accessible to facilitate dropping off and picking up the child for classes.

Time and Fees:

The class schedule should fit into the child’s timetable and the family’s schedule. This ensures that it does not interfere with the child’s primary education at school and allows family members to conveniently drop off and pick up the child. Furthermore, you should find a class with fees that match your family’s budget.

Top 8 Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang

Join Hanami on a journey to explore the list of the top 8 best art classes for kids in Da Nang. From there, you can choose the most suitable painting class for your child.

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Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang
Top 8 Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang

DOM Art – Art Classes for Children in Da Nang

DOM Art is an art class in Da Nang established since 2018. Here, they offer professional drawing courses for all ages, from children to adults. With a team of dedicated and experienced teachers, DOM provides easy-to-understand and diverse teaching methods, helping children develop drawing skills quickly and effectively.

Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang
DOM Art drawing class – art class for kids in Da Nang

Moreover, DOM also organizes extracurricular activities and art exhibitions, allowing children to showcase their talents and build social relationships. If you are looking for art classes for children in Da Nang, DOM Art is a place not to be missed.

Contact Information:

  • Address 1: 47/1 Huynh Ngoc Hue, Thanh Khe Dong Ward, Thanh Khe District
  • Address 2: 196-198 Nui Thanh, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District
  • Hotline: 0905 571 124 / 0774 247 847
  • Email:
  • Fanpage: DOM Art – Art Classes in Da Nang
  • Website:

Ngoi Nha Nho

“Ngoi Nha Nho” is one of the high-quality art classes for children in Da Nang. The children’s class here is designed for kids aged 8 to 18, where they will learn techniques in both concentrated watercolor and diluted watercolor. This helps to develop their painting skills, aesthetic sense, and creativity.

Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang
Drawing class Ngoi Nha Nho – art class for kids in Da Nang

Additionally, participating in this class, children will engage in extracurricular activities such as making handmade crafts to enhance their dexterity and enjoyment. “Ngoi Nha Nho” also regularly organizes free workshops, providing children with opportunities to explore colors and become familiar with painting.

Contact Information:

  • Address 1: 264 – 266 Han Thuyen Street, Hai Chau District
  • Address 2: 50 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Hai Chau District
  • Address 3: 60 Tran Van Du Street, Ngu Hanh Son District
  • Hotline: 0935 479 444
  • Email:
  • Fanpage: Ngôi Nhà Nhỏ Art Class
  • Website:

Hac Giay Art Class

Although Hac Giay Art Class in Da Nang has only been operating since 2019, it has received tremendous support from many parents and students. Here, they do not impose a particular teaching method but rather focus on nurturing each child’s unique perspective and personality for development. Teachers and instructors at Hac Giay Art Class serve as stimuli to enhance and develop the natural artistic abilities of the children.

Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang
Hac Giay Art Class – art class for kids in Da Nang

When attending Hac Giay Art Class, all a child needs is a relaxed soul and cheerful energy, as art supplies are readily prepared. Besides paper-based artworks, children here will also experience various materials such as crayons, watercolors, oil pastels, and acrylics on canvas, as well as model paintings and clay artworks.

Contact Information:

  • Address 1: 16 Ho Bieu Chanh Street, Hoa Cuong Nam Ward, Hai Chau District
  • Address 2: 46 Le Ba Trinh Street, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District
  • Hotline: 0962 880 603 / 0352 490 437
  • Fanpage: Hac Giay Art Class

Luyen Ve Arctin

Luyen Ve Arctin is a well-known art center in Da Nang, specializing in teaching figure drawing, still life drawing, landscape drawing, and more. At Luyen Ve Arctin, students are taught in a practical and understandable manner, providing them with a solid artistic foundation for future development.

Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang
Luyen Ve Arctin – art class for kids in Da Nang

Contact Information:

  • Address 1: Lot 10 Nguyen Sinh Sac Street, Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu District
  • Address 2: 44/7 Nguyen Thanh Han Street, Hoa Thuan Tay Ward, Hai Chau District
  • Hotline: 037 355 71 37
  • Email:
  • Fanpage: Luyen Ve Arctin

Mr. Dung’s Drawing Class

Mr. Dung is a renowned drawing teacher in Da Nang, highly regarded in the field of art education. He is passionate about teaching and helps students maximize their drawing potential. Mr. Dung specializes in teaching art exam preparation, Digital Painting, watercolor, and oil painting. In his drawing class, children will receive in-depth training in painting and develop advanced drawing skills.

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Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang
Drawing class Mr. Dung – art class for kids in Da Nang

Contact Information:

  • Address: 421/6 Hoang Dieu Street, Hai Chau District
  • Hotline: 090 506 20 20
  • Email:
  • Fanpage: Mr. Dung’s Drawing Class – Da Nang

Rainbow Art

Rainbow Art is an art class specializing in creative painting for children. Here, Ms. Thuyet is a trusted drawing teacher in Da Nang. When learning at Rainbow Art, children are encouraged to unleash their creativity and ignite their hidden passion for painting. Classes are held in an environment close to nature, allowing children to connect with and explore the beauty of nature through art.

Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang
Rainbow Art – art class for kids in Da Nang

Contact Information:

  • Address: 28 Cam Nam 1 Street, Hoa Xuan Ward, Cam Le District
  • Hotline: 088 880 86 90
  • Email:
  • Fanpage: Rainbow Art – Developing Artistic Talent

Mat Troi Be Con

“Mat Troi Be Con” is one of the drawing classes for children in Da Nang that you can consider. The teachers here will help nurture and develop the children’s artistic potential. Children will gradually become familiar with the most basic knowledge such as colors, shapes of objects. In addition, they will also learn additional skills such as clay sculpting. Therefore, the class promises to bring many interesting experiences to the children.

Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang
Mat Troi Be Con – art class for kids in Da Nang

Contact Information:

  • Address: 111/7 Thanh Thuy Street, Thanh Binh Ward, Hai Chau District
  • Hotline: 093 491 10 60
  • Email:
  • Fanpage: Mat Troi Be Con Drawing Class

Ms. Chau Art Class

With over 7 years of teaching experience, Ms. Chau has gained the trust of many parents and students. In Ms. Chau Drawing Class, there is a specialized curriculum tailored to the abilities and effectiveness of learning for children from 4 to 13 years old. The class also regularly organizes handicraft programs such as making handmade toys, bracelets, etc. This helps children enhance their creativity and stimulates their interest in creating products with personal characteristics.

Best Art Classes for Kids in Da Nang
Ms. Chau’s Drawing Class – art class for kids in Da Nang

Contact Information:

  • Address: 75/22 Tieu La Street, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District
  • Hotline: 0974 804 083
  • Email:
  • Fanpage: Ms. Chau Drawing Class – Da Nang

It seems you have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 8 best art classes for kids in Da Nang. Hanami glad to have assisted you in providing this valuable information. I hope parents find this information helpful in choosing the right place for their children to learn and develop their artistic skills

In conclusion, as I explored the vibrant art scene of Da Nang and delved into the top 8 art classes for kids, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the boundless creativity and potential waiting to be unleashed in our young ones. From traditional techniques to modern approaches, these classes offer a wonderful opportunity for children to not only develop their artistic skills but also to express themselves freely in a nurturing environment.

At Hanami Hotel Danang, we understand the importance of fostering creativity and providing enriching experiences for families. That’s why I encourage you to embark on this artistic journey with us and explore the plethora of art classes available in our city.

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Whether you’re here for a short getaway or an extended stay, Hanami Hotel Danang promises to deliver an exceptional experience amidst the beauty of Vietnam’s coastal gem. Come and discover the magic of Da Nang with us. We look forward to welcoming you soon!


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