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Bac My An Market – The convergence of Da Nang cuisine

Have you ever been bothered by the question “what to eat, where to eat”? It goes without saying that this is a question that every visitor to Da Nang wants to be answered. Traveling for only a few days but finding food stalls takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? Bac My An Market is a place where diners can visit and shop for their journey. Let’s find out about this market with Hanami Hotel Danang in this article.

Bac My An Market – a familiar food court of Da Nang people

cổng chợ Bắc Mỹ An Đà Nẵng

Bac My An Market is quite familiar to Da Nang residents in particular and visitors to Da Nang in general. Located in a convenient location will definitely be the ideal choice for you.

When you enter the food stall, it must be said that you want to eat everything there. The scent of it is on the nose that makes it impossible to ignore. First, coming here, you will not be able to miss the Co Van Avocado Ice Cream and Bac My An market’s snails. These are two dishes that gourmets put on the must-try list when visiting Da Nang. 

Avocado ice cream created from ripe waxed avocados, combines the natural sweetness of avocado with the fat of milk cream, adding to the aroma of coconut. How appealing it is! And, of course, so are the snails. There are not just sucking snails but also apple snails. Two sorts of snails mixed together to provide diners with additional choices. Furthermore, the food is both tasty and inexpensive, and you can eat while listening to the owner tell you about all of the new and exciting things in the market. They prepare the meal with all their hearts, cooking as if they were cooking for the family, so the taste is also delicious to enjoy. The owner is really nice as well, so the food is also more wonderful than usual.

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Da Nang’s most popular dishes can be found here

kem bơ cô vân nổi tiếng khu chợ Bắc Mỹ An

Next, try to wander around the market to enjoy Da Nang specialties in a popular style. That is an unforgettable experience in the hearts of every diner when coming to Bac My An market. There are both specialties and snacks in Da Nang, so it will give plenty of options for you.

ốc hút ở chợ Bắc Mỹ An Đà Nẵng

If you have traveled, don’t forget to buy gifts for friends and family. You can be confident that Bac My An has something you need to buy and bring back as a gift that is not only delicious but also full of Da Nang taste. A few dried squid rimmed with tamarind, a few dried fish, and a packet of dried chicken is efficient for your family to enjoy. You should visit the specialty counter, there is a variety of specialties to choose from.

Bac My An Market is particularly popular with tourists when visiting Da Nang. It is considered to be a rather familiar location, but it is a well-known tourist destination, even among foreign travelers. Simply go over to enjoy Co Van Avocado Ice Cream and various local cuisine that consider an “experience.” The atmosphere of the market is also full of home flavor. Everyone who goes away from home when visiting the market may feel something warm.

Idyllic and familiar Bac My An Market 

chợ Bắc Mỹ An bình dị thân thương với người dân Đà Nẵng

It looks so simple. However, every time you want to check in, the pictures are also beautiful, not extravagant and gorgeous, but they are imbued with the identity of Da Nang.

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Bac My An is not as well-known as other markets, and the space is not as large and airy as other food stalls. However, many tourists still come here to try the budget and delicious food stalls, as well as immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a local market. If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang, let’s spend some time visiting this local market.

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