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What is Villa? The 3 most popular types of villas

The allure of villas, with their spacious design, personalized services, and secluded environment, has captivated the hearts of many travelers seeking an escape from the mundane. But What is Villa? The 3 most popular types of villas. Understanding the distinct charm of these villa types will undoubtedly add a new dimension to your travel experiences.

At Hanami Hotel Danang, we have immersed ourselves in understanding the essence of what makes villas such an integral part of luxury travel. It is from this place of both fascination and expertise that we wish to share our insights with you. Join us in exploring these sanctuaries of peace and luxury, and let us guide you in finding your perfect villa retreat.

What is Villa?

What is Villa
A basic villa

Villas, also known as mansions, are a type of residence constructed on a large, standalone plot with beautiful architecture and spacious living areas. Each detail is meticulously designed, luxurious, and perfect while still maintaining a close connection and harmony with nature.

A standard villa includes: a living room, several bedrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a garden, a private swimming pool, and a common living space…

Currently, some villas are also invested in additional amenities such as: a gym, spa services, a reading room, a swimming pool… right within the premises. The criteria for a resort villa include providing a full range of amenities and services from basic to advanced, being strictly managed with high safety standards.

It has a low construction density: the surrounding area requires fewer residential buildings to ensure a tranquil atmosphere, close to the beach, abundant greenery, water bodies,… The architecture is luxurious, the living space is perfect and furnished with high-end interiors. It offers a clean and quiet living space, providing guests with privacy.

The 3 most popular types of villas today

Terraced Villas

What is Villa
Adjacent villa in Ha Long

These are villas built next to each other in a series. In addition, some developers also construct and name different types of villas such as beachfront villas, garden villas, resort mansions…

Detached Villas

This type of villa is built on an independent architectural design, creating a distinct structure. Its sides are divided into areas with a harmonious overall function, such as the front, back, right side, and left side.

With its independent architectural characteristics, the distinguishing feature of this style is that all living spaces are contained within the villa itself. Detached villas typically have a simple architecture, not elaborate but independently distinctive.

What is Villa
A Detached Villa

The hallmark of a detached villa is that all living, and relaxation spaces are within the villa itself. It is enclosed by fences, and no part of the building is adjacent to any fence of the mansion; also, the pathways around must be wide for easy movement. Within the premises are gardens, scenery, etc.


Semi-detached Villas

Unlike the detached villa, a semi-detached villa depends on the adjacent villa to form a complete and harmonious whole in terms of design, color, decoration, and shared landscape. Two mansions connected to each other create a harmonious linkage in architectural lines.

In addition, this will increase the area, making use of the space to construct ancillary structures around.

What is Villa
Duplex villa architecture

The semi-detached villa is a modern design based on the shape of the land to create a luxurious and spacious space that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the design.

Distinguishing Villas from Other Accommodation Models


If a hotel is a solidly built building with many rooms inside, a villa is an entirely independent mansion. The primary purpose of a villa is to provide comfort and privacy to its guests.

What is Villa

In contrast, the hotel model usually focuses on improving the quality of rooms and services.


Similar to villas, bungalows aim for tranquility and comfortable space for users. However, with a smaller area, simple space, and some being movable, bungalows are characterized by being constructed with materials like bamboo, reed, wood,… to ensure harmony with nature.

What is Villa

Unlike bungalows, villas require higher investment and scale. The target customers are also quite demanding in terms of room quality, equipment… However, this model is considered to attract a significant number of visitors wishing to relax.


Resorts are typically built in clusters, such as (villas, bungalows…). The surrounding landscapes are perfect with high aesthetic value. The purpose is to serve the relaxation and sightseeing needs of tourists.

This type also includes amenities such as transportation, entertainment, sightseeing…

What is Villa
What is Villa ? – Resort

What to keep in mind when choosing the right villa

When choosing the right villa for yourself, there are a few important things to keep in mind to ensure you have the best vacation:

  • Location: Find out about the villa’s location compared to tourist attractions, beaches, restaurants or convenience stores you want to visit. A convenient location saves travel time and enhances your travel experience.
  • Amenities and services: Check out the list of amenities and services the villa offers. Do you need a private swimming pool, garden, daily cleaning service, or not? List the factors that are important to you to make sure the villa meets your needs.
  • Budget: Determine your budget and find the right villa. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of additional services or hidden fees that may not be included in the rental price.
  • Comments and reviews: Read comments and reviews from guests who have stayed at the villa to get an overview of service quality, hygiene, and authenticity of advertising images.
  • Security and privacy: Make sure the villa has a good security system and brings a high sense of privacy to your stay. This is important especially if you are looking for a relaxing and quiet getaway.
  • Easy contact with the host/agent: Make sure you can easily contact the host or villa management agent during your stay for any requests or necessary assistance.
  • Cancellation policy: Check the cancellation policy to see how much money you can get back if your plans change. Some villas have more flexible cancellation policies than others.
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What is Villa
A type of villas

We hope that through Hanami’s article, you have gained more information about what a villa is and the 3 most popular types of villas. We hope you will make appropriate choices for your travel or consider investing in the villa business. Looking forward to meeting you again in upcoming articles.

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