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Top 3 volunteer clubs in Da Nang, reviews by Hanami

Hey there! Welcome to the vibrant heart of Da Nang, where community spirit and volunteerism shine bright. In this bustling coastal city, we’re thrilled to present to you the “Top 3 Volunteer Clubs in Da Nang,” curated by us at Hanami. Whether you’re a local looking to give back or a visitor eager to join the community, these clubs embody the spirit of making a positive impact. So, let’s dive into the heartbeat of Da Nang’s volunteer scene and explore the amazing work these clubs are doing.

Top 3 volunteer clubs in Da Nang

volunteer clubs in da nang
Top 3 volunteer clubs in Da Nang

HOPE – CS Volunteer Club 

Happiness doesn’t always smile upon all of us; that’s why we see children and the elderly continue to work every day for a meal, clothing, and even education, moving across the rural areas and towns of Vietnam. They come from unhappy families, without a place to lean on, without relatives, or even abandoned by their own family members. Understanding this, Mr. Dinh Huy Hoang decided to establish the HOPE Volunteer Club on December 6, 2009.

Born with the mission to help those in difficult circumstances, lonely elderly, poor students, children, ethnic minorities, and patients in hospitals or social welfare facilities across the country. Despite most club members still being in school and not financially independent, with the enthusiasm and energy of youth, they bring love and support to unfortunate lives.

volunteer clubs in da nang
HOPE – CS Volunteer Club

Despite being mostly in school and not financially independent, the youth of the HOPE Volunteer Club, with their passion, have traveled across provinces and cities in Vietnam, spreading love and sharing with the less fortunate.

The executive committee includes: Dang Le Hoang (Lao Cai), Nguyen Van Vu (Da Nang), and Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong (Ho Chi Minh). With the desire to expand exchanges, and connect with other volunteer individuals and organizations, the club organizes essential skill courses for its members.

If you are someone rich in love, with a desire to contribute and spread kindness, contact the information below. Hanami believes that the HOPE family is sure to leave you with the most memorable impressions of youth.


  • Phone number: 038 374 7828
  • Facebook:

Hoa Bi Ngan Charity Club

The club frequently organizes charity projects that we have had the privilege to witness. These include visiting and giving gifts to the elderly, children at disability centers, lonely elderly individuals, and orphanages in the cities of Da Nang and Quang Nam province. Every year, the club collaborates with philanthropists to initiate charity trips to mountainous areas in Quang Nam, providing essential items for the locals, as well as equipment and learning tools for the children.

A special ongoing project of the club that we found particularly impactful is the “5,000 VND Vegan Kitchen” located at 31 Dang Tat – Hoa Khanh – Lien Chieu. It offers nutritious vegetarian meals at a fixed price of 5,000 VND per serving. This community charity project aims to support the livelihood of street vendors, low-income laborers, and financially struggling students.

volunteer clubs in da nang
Hoa Bi Ngan Charity Club

If you have the intention to join the club, this is a fantastic suggestion from Hanami! Joining the Hoa Bi Ngan Charity Club will undoubtedly allow you to contribute to creating the best outcomes for the community. We believe that you will have joyful and meaningful experiences here.


  • Phone number: 0901 928 880
  • Facebook Group:

Duy Tan Student Volunteer Club – Nang

The next volunteer club that we at Hanami want to add to the list of volunteer clubs in Da Nang is the “Duy Tan University Student Volunteer Club.” This club was established by the Duy Tan University Student Union to organize volunteer activities to assist those less fortunate and facing difficulties in life. It serves as a gathering place for people of different ages, positions, and occupations, united by a common love and a shared desire to contribute and help those in need in society.

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volunteer clubs in da nang
Duy Tan Student Volunteer Club – Nang

With the leadership team:

  • Le Thi Hoa – Chairwoman.
  • Doan Dinh Khoi – Vice Chair.
  • Le Thi Phuong Thao – Vice Chair.
  • Nguyen Hoang Nam – Head of Activity Department.
  • Ho Thi Thu Thao – Head of the External Relations Department.
  • Huynh Mai Thuy – Treasurer.
  • Pham Vu Truong Phuc – Head of Media Department.

Some of the activities that the club has successfully carried out include:

  • Clean up Son Tra: Aiming to convey the message “Let’s join hands to protect the green environment” to many people to raise awareness after visiting Son Tra.
  • Central Vietnam Love: After two weeks of intensive fundraising and calling for contributions, we observed that the club successfully delivered gifts to disadvantaged people in Thuong Xa – Hai Thuong – Hai Lang – Quang Tri.
  • Pot of Love Porridge: This program contributes to the bonding between club members and patients, enhancing members’ sense of responsibility for the club’s activities. We believe that the Duy Tan University Student Volunteer Club offers a unique and meaningful opportunity for those seeking to make a positive impact in society.


  • Address: 03 Quang Trung, Da Nang
  • Phone number: 091 276 25 64
  • Facebook:

Challenges Faced by Volunteer Clubs

Volunteer clubs play a crucial role in fostering community engagement and making a positive impact on society. However, like any organization, they encounter various challenges that can hinder their effectiveness. In this article, we will explore some of the common difficulties faced by volunteer clubs:

  • Recruitment Struggles: One of the primary challenges is attracting and retaining dedicated volunteers. The constant need for new members can be demanding, requiring effective recruitment strategies and ongoing efforts to maintain a motivated team.
  • Resource Limitations: Volunteer clubs often operate on limited resources, both financial and material. This constraint can hinder their ability to organize events, provide necessary training, or even secure a suitable meeting space, impacting the overall quality of their initiatives.
  • Time Commitment: Balancing volunteer work with personal and professional commitments is a perpetual challenge. Volunteers may face difficulty in allocating sufficient time to fulfill their responsibilities, leading to burnout and a decline in engagement.
  • Lack of Skill Diversity: Volunteer clubs often depend on the skills and expertise of their members. A limited skill set within the group can constrain the variety and scope of projects undertaken, hindering the club’s ability to address diverse community needs.
  • Recognition and Appreciation: Volunteers often work selflessly without expecting anything in return. However, the lack of recognition and appreciation can lead to demotivation. Acknowledging the efforts of volunteers is crucial for maintaining their enthusiasm and commitment.

Benefits of Joining a Club

Joining a volunteer club offers more than just the opportunity to spread your love and care to the community; it also brings valuable benefits to yourself. Let’s explore some of the advantages of being part of a volunteer club.

  • Discovering Personal Values: When you join a club, you have numerous opportunities to discover your hidden talents and identify your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you become a better and more mature person every day.
  • Developing Talents: The innate potential is what gives individuals their talent. To develop and unleash your full potential, becoming a member of a talent club is essential.
  • Accumulating Experience: Social skills are also known as soft skills. Consider life skills, social communication, leadership abilities, teamwork, time management, and creativity. Soft skills help you adapt easily, integrate well, and achieve success in life.
  • Satisfying Your Passion: We are always happy when doing what we love, right? Living with passion not only makes life more interesting but also provides us with positive energy.
  • Reducing Stress After School Hours: By participating in club activities, you can have enjoyable moments, engage in physical activities, and gain educational experiences. You can learn and play at the same time, helping you relax after school hours.
  • Increasing Connections and Networking with Friends: One of the most accessible and straightforward environments to meet new people is a club. From siblings to peers, you have the chance to encounter diverse individuals with unique qualities and strengths.
  • Preserving Youthful Moments: Everyone believes that the student years are the most adorable and memorable period of life, and you will not regret creating invaluable memories during your time together in white shirts.
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Joining a volunteer club is not only about giving back to the community; it’s also an enriching experience that contributes to personal growth and well-being.

As we wrap up our journey through the compassionate heart of Da Nang, we can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Hanami has had the incredible honor of introducing you to the Top 3 volunteer clubs in Da Nang. We encourage every one of you to explore, connect, and contribute. Let’s continue spreading kindness, let’s keep the spirit of volunteering alive, and let’s make Da Nang an even more incredible place for generations to come.

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