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Top 10 Self-Drive Car Rental Addresses in Da Nang

If you want to travel independently and have your own car to explore Da Nang or other provinces and cities, then check out Hanami’s article on the Top 10 Self-Drive Car Rental Addresses in Da Nang below!

Top 10 Self-Drive Car Rental Addresses in Da Nang

Minh Duc – K63/6/9 Binh Thai 4, Cam Le District

  • Address: K63/6/9 Binh Thai 4, Cam Le District
  • Phone: 0905-914-368
  • Website:

Da Nang Minh Duc Car Rental offers a variety of rental car options to meet the needs of its customers. Prominent car brands include Toyota, KIA, and Ford. Additionally, the company provides luxury car rental services such as Mercedes, catering to customers who prefer luxurious and upscale travel.

Self-Drive Car Rental Addresses in Da Nang
Minh Duc – Affordable Car Rental for Tourism

To rent a car at Minh Duc Car Rental in Da Nang, customers need to meet specific requirements. Firstly, customers are required to have a valid driver’s license (original copy), and a national ID card or citizen identification card (original copy) to confirm their identity and residential address. In addition, customers need to submit a deposit or provide property of equivalent value to secure the car rental. Details regarding the deposit amount and related regulations can be discussed and agreed upon directly with the rental company.

With quality service, a diverse fleet of vehicles, and a commitment to reliability, Da Nang Minh Duc Car Rental confidently ensures customer satisfaction when renting a self-drive car in Da Nang.

An Phuoc Hung – No. 25, Binh Hoa 2 – Khue Trung – Cam Le

  • Address: No. 25, Binh Hoa 2 – Khue Trung – Cam Le
  • Transaction office: 28 Nguyen Huu Tho
  • Phone: 0976 707 555 – 0914 708 368
  • Rental rates:

To meet the needs and convenience of customers, An Phuoc Hung Company is always ready to assist customers 24/24 through various contact methods. Customers can contact via phone, fax, internet, email, SMS, chat, or directly sign the rental contract at their requested address if they don’t have the time. Especially for customers in Da Nang city, An Phuoc Hung Company can come to the customer’s location to sign the car rental contract.

Various car models are available for rent at An Phuoc Hung Company, including a wide range of different car types. This allows customers to choose according to their usage needs and ensures comfort and convenience during travel.

With a diverse range of quality vehicles, professional service, and dedicated support, An Phuoc Hung Company proudly offers customers the best car rental experience, meeting all their transportation needs.

Phu My Phat – 495 Nguyen Huu Tho, Da Nang

  • Address: 495 Nguyen Huu Tho, Da Nang.
  • Phone: 0905.627.627 – 0977.627.627.
  • Rental rates:
Self-Drive Car Rental Addresses in Da Nang
The car rental process is easy; you can simply call and have a car right away.

Phu My Phat specializes in providing self-drive car rental services in Da Nang, offering a variety of suitable options for customers. We take pride in delivering top-quality service and have a dedicated team of enthusiastic staff always ready to assist customers.

We are committed to providing customers with new, high-quality, and safe vehicles. Our fleet includes various car models, from 4-seaters to 7-seaters, ranging from standard to VIP class. Customers can choose a vehicle that suits their needs.

Furthermore, we are always competitive in terms of pricing to ensure customer satisfaction. Currently, we have a special promotion offering a 15% discount for individual car rentals on weekdays.

The car rental process at Phu My Phat is also straightforward. Customers only need to provide the necessary personal information and comply with the requirements regarding documentation, deposits, and driver’s licenses. We guarantee that the car rental process will be quick and convenient.

Da Nang 365 Self-Drive Car Rental – 223 H18/9, Truong Chinh Street, Thanh Khe District

  • Address: 223 H18/9, Truong Chinh Street, Thanh Khe District
  • Phone: 0935.214.222 – 0904.347.004
  • Car rental rates:
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To rent a car at Da Nang 365, customers need to prepare some personal documents. These are essential requirements to ensure a smooth and reliable car rental process. Additionally, some cash or a motorbike of equivalent value is required for collateral. This helps ensure a seamless car rental process and provides security for both parties.

We are committed to providing competitive and reasonable prices for our customers. The rental prices for standard 4-seater cars range from 800,000 VND to 900,000 VND per vehicle per day. Meanwhile, 7-seater cars have prices ranging from 900,000 VND to 1,200,000 VND per vehicle per day. For luxury car rental requests, please contact us directly for more detailed information.

To prepare for car rental needs during the 2023 Tet holiday in Da Nang, Da Nang 365 has launched the “Accompanying with 365 cars” program. This is an opportunity for customers to rent cars at preferential prices.

Tam Khanh Hung – 420 Dien Bien Phu, Thanh Khe District

  • Address: 420 Dien Bien Phu, Thanh Khe District
  • Phone: 0981.951.052
  • Website:

To meet customer needs, this place provides door-to-door delivery and pick-up services upon customer request. With over 10 years of experience in the car rental industry, Tam Khanh Hung has built trust and received positive feedback from customers to enhance service quality. Proud to be a reliable destination that you shouldn’t miss.

The car models we currently serve include 4-seater cars such as Lacetti, Vios, Civic, Kia Cerato, Mazda, Elantra, and Camry. For 7-seater cars, we provide Innova, Santafe, Mazda, Fortuner, Kia Caren, Mitsu Zinger, Ford Everest, and Ford Ranger. Additionally, we also have 16-seater cars like Mer Sprinter and Ford Transit.

To rent a car at Tam Khanh Hung company, customers need to meet the following conditions: have permanent residence in Da Nang or have a relative in Da Nang as a guarantor, possess an original ID card or citizen identity card (CCCD), and have a driver’s license for automobiles from B1 level or higher. In addition, customers need to provide a motorcycle and its registration papers as collateral, with a value of at least 10 million VND.

Self-Drive Car Rental Addresses in Da Nang
Renting a self-driving car is easy and fast.

Da Giang – Son Tra District

  • Address: Son Tra District
  • Phone: 0906.100.044 – 0905.611.211
  • Website:
  • Price list link:

Da Giang car rental company is a professional and reliable entity in the field of providing travel car rental services. We specialize in providing various types of travel cars, short-term and long-term business cars, as well as cars for special events such as weddings, engagements, conferences, important events, and domestic and international travel.

The professional, experienced, and dedicated staff at Da Giang are trained to provide top-notch customer service. They are always ready to listen to and fulfill customer requests to ensure the best experience for their journey.

To rent a car at Da Giang, customers only need to meet basic requirements such as having a valid driver’s license, proof of residence, and original ID card (CMND). In addition, customers may need to fulfill special conditions, including pledging collateral with two options: company shares or a motorcycle with a valid registration certificate (original).

The rental prices at Da Giang are determined based on the type and model of the car. The prices are competitive and flexible to suit customers’ needs and budgets. Customers can contact them directly to get detailed information about pricing and various service packages.

Trieu Bao Y – 198 Nguyen Huu Tho, Hai Chau District

  • Address: 198 Nguyen Huu Tho, Hai Chau District
  • Phone: 02363 67 99 11 – 0905 72 72 82 – 0905 72 72 85
  • Website:

With many years of reliable experience in self-driving car rental in Da Nang, Trieu Bao Y Company has established itself as a trustworthy and top choice for those who need to rent a car. They are proud to offer a variety of contract options that are flexible and meet customers’ diverse requirements.

Customers can choose to sign rental contracts directly at the company’s office, at their residence or workplace (within Da Nang city limits), or even confirm contracts via fax. Understanding that contract flexibility is crucial to meeting customers’ diverse needs.

With a flexible pricing policy, competitive and reasonable rates, and cars from 2010 to 2013 models available for rent starting at 700,000 VND per day, they also offer mileage and overnight stay promotions to maximize benefits for customers.

Self-Drive Car Rental Addresses in Da Nang
Renting new cars, trustworthy, ensuring good prices.

Dinh Auto – Lot 30-31 (124-128) 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District

  • Address: Lot 30-31 (124-128) 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District
  • Phone: 0931 525258 – 0919 190975
  • Website:
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Dinh Auto offers a diverse range of car models for you to choose from, ensuring they cater to the needs and preferences of each customer. With expertise in automobiles, Đình Auto not only specializes in buying and repairing cars but also provides top-notch self-driving car rental services in Da Nang. All cars are regularly cleaned and maintained to meet safety standards. Moreover, all cars are properly documented and insured. The advisory staff at Dinh Auto are professional and ready to assist you during the rental process.

When renting a car from Dinh Auto, you don’t need to worry about car repairs in case of breakdowns, as their staff will come to the location for repairs. For foreign customers, there’s no need to make a deposit before renting a car. Regarding rental rates, Dinh Auto offers competitive and flexible pricing.

With these advantages and high-quality services, Dinh Auto is the ideal choice for a fantastic self-driving car rental experience in Da Nang.

Da Nang Galaxy – 39 Le Huu Khanh, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang

  • Address: 39 Le Huu Khanh, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0981 040 140 – 0935 213 196
  • Website:

The Da Nang Galaxy travel car fleet has built a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider for the transportation needs of tourists visiting famous tourist destinations.

The Da Nang Galaxy travel car fleet includes all types of vehicles, ensuring a suitable choice for the number of passengers and your specific needs. All vehicles are well-maintained, ensuring safety and quality throughout the journey. Additionally, all vehicles are equipped with modern amenities to provide a comfortable environment for passengers. For vehicles with a capacity of more than 20 seats, they are also equipped with DVD players, microphones, and TVs to enhance the experience and convenience of passengers during the journey.

Da Nang Galaxy is committed to providing the most competitive car rental prices and the best service quality in Da Nang. You will receive dedicated and professional service from our advisory team, even in emergencies. We are available to assist you 24/7, offering consultation, quotes, and resolution of any issues related to car rental services. You can fully enjoy your trip with professional support and advice from us.

With the best service quality, a modern and diverse fleet, and a dedicated staff, Da Nang Galaxy is confident in being a reliable partner for you to explore fantastic tourist destinations in the Da Nang and Central Vietnam area.

Nhat Phong Travel – 57 Phan Thanh, Hai Chau District

  • Address: 57 Phan Thanh, Hai Chau District
  • Phone: Ms. Van 0935.434.437 or Mr. Phong 0905.434.437
  • Website:

With a diverse fleet of cars, Nhat Phong Travel proudly offers professional car rental services and provides a wide range of choices for customers.

The car rental process at Nhat Phong Travel is designed to be simple and convenient, ensuring the best experience for customers. We work closely with customers, and depending on the customer’s needs, Nhat Phong Travel will adjust the procedures to create the most favorable conditions. In addition, the car pick-up and drop-off process is flexible to provide convenience and flexibility for customers.

To rent a car at Nhất Phong Travel, customers only need to meet some basic requirements. These requirements include having all necessary documents such as identification card, driver’s license, and household registration book. Additionally, customers also need to make a deposit of 20 million VND or provide assets of equivalent value, and have a Da Nang household registration book or have a relative with a Da Nang household registration book to act as a guarantor.

Nhat Phong Travel believes that it is a reliable partner for customers to fully experience a convenient and safe trip in the Da Nang and Central Vietnam area.

What documents are required for car rental?

The required documents for car rental typically include:

  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Identification, such as a passport or national ID card.
  • Proof of address, often in the form of a utility bill or a residential lease agreement.
  • Payment method, such as a credit card, to cover the rental fees and any security deposit.
  • Additional documents may be necessary depending on the rental company’s specific requirements and the country’s regulations.

It’s essential to check with the car rental company you plan to use to confirm their specific document requirements, as they can vary depending on location and company policies.


With a mission to provide professional services, competitive prices, and reliable quality, Hanami believes that the Top 10 self-drive car rental addresses in Da Nang mentioned above will offer you the safest and most reputable self-driving experience.

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