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Top 8 reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang

Amid the recent COVID-19 wave, many provinces and cities had to implement social distancing measures, and pharmaceutical companies were considered saviors for people across the country. Therefore, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies have been established. The demand for medical equipment and medicines is particularly crucial in the large city of Da Nang. Hanami will help you explore 8 reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang. Let’s find out more!

Top 8 reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang

OPC Company

OPC Company is one of the renowned pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang. OPC Company’s motto is “For the quality of life,” which serves as its guiding principle and commitment. The company consistently strives to produce high-quality, safe, and effective products for the treatment process. With long-term development and growth, OPC Company has established itself as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam. Furthermore, the company is also expanding its presence in the global market.

“OPC Company has established an extensive distribution network throughout the country. Furthermore, the company has established business relationships with most pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam and over 18 international pharmaceutical companies. The company exports goods to many Asian countries and has penetrated the European market, such as Germany. OPC Company’s products have been exported to markets like Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and expanded to the European market.

reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang
OPC company

Every year, OPC Company conducts research and introduces nearly 30 new products, diversifying its product portfolio to meet healthcare and treatment needs. You can trust the reputable products of OPC!

Contact Information:

  • Address: 612 Nguyen Huu Tho, Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le District, Danang City
  • Phone number: 0236 3697 888
  • Website:

Danapha Company

Danapha Company is a pharmaceutical manufacturing and trading company in Vietnam. The company always considers community interests as a significant driving force in its activities. Danapha’s community activities are not only for brand promotion but also the responsibility of a leading brand in the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam.

reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang
reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang

To effectively engage in community activities, Danapha aligns itself with the dedication to high-quality products, aiming to build a foundation for a healthy and beautiful society. Danapha Company has supplied over 350 products to the market since its inception, including superior quality items that can replace imported products. Danapha adheres to international standards in production and quality management. These standards include:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) following the World Health Organization (WHO) standards.
  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
  • Good Storage Practices (GSP).
  • Good Distribution Practices (GDP).
  • Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP).
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

These standards ensure that Danapha’s products are manufactured and quality-managed according to international procedures and requirements.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 253 Dung Si Thanh Khe, Danang City
  • Phone number: 0236 3757 676
  • Website:

Dapharco Company

Dapharco Company is considered one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam. The company specializes in the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, functional foods, and cosmetic products. Implementing social programs and responsibilities is seen as an important strategy to help Dapharco maintain stable and sustainable development.

Dapharco takes pride in overcoming strict standards and quality challenges. The company owns three production lines that have met high-level technical requirements to achieve Japan-GMP certification. Thanks to the right investments, all medications produced by these three production lines are closely monitored for quality. From the raw material receiving process to the final product, Dapharco always aims to deliver the best quality to consumers.

reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang

This demonstrates that Dapharco Company sets high standards for product quality and adheres to international technical standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the pharmaceuticals, functional foods, and cosmetics it provides.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 2 Phan Dinh Phung, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau, Danang
  • Phone number: 0236 382 1642
  • Website:

Viet Duc Pharmaceutical

Viet Duc Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was established in 2006 under the initial name of Viet Duc Pharmaceutical Joint Venture Company. Since its inception, the company has quickly established its position and reputation in the domestic pharmaceutical market. Viet Duc Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company aims to become one of the leading pharmaceutical enterprises in Vietnam with many significant goals.

First and foremost, the company commits to prioritize the rights and health of customers and maintain high quality across every product it provides. The company diligently carries out research and development processes to create products that deliver the best results for customers. The company also optimizes its production scale to ensure competitive pricing in the market.

reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang

Furthermore, the company has established a regular and professional drug distribution system, ensuring a steady supply, and adhering to strict verification processes to ensure product quality and preservation. Customer care services are enhanced, with a priority on addressing all inquiries and providing dedicated, accurate, and comprehensive advice according to customer requirements.

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Additionally, the company places a strong emphasis on training and developing its staff. The team is required to be dynamic, enthusiastic, creative, and professional. They must also possess excellent expertise, a sense of responsibility in their work, and community health awareness. These objectives help Viet Duc Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company not only grow robustly but also ensure the quality and satisfaction of its customers.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Bau Mac 7, Hoa Khanh Bac, Lien Chieu, Danang
  • Phone number: 024 3514 8042
  • Website:

Central Pharmaceutical Company 3

Central Pharmaceutical Company 3 is a reputable pharmaceutical enterprise with extensive experience in the supply and distribution of medicines. The company is committed to meeting the needs of the people with high-quality products at reasonable prices. They have a standardized drug distribution system and warehouse, and adhere to reliable quality management processes.

The company commits to meeting the people’s demand for medicines, ensuring convenience and completeness in the provision of pharmaceutical products. The medicines of Central Pharmaceutical Company 3 are of high quality and reasonably priced to ensure accessibility and use by the people. The company is responsible for directly distributing medicines in the hospital system, companies, and pharmacies nationwide, ensuring quick and efficient access to medicines.

Additionally, the company participates in national drug programs, significantly contributing to providing medicines to the people. It plays a role as a national-scale pharmaceutical commerce center, focusing on the supply, distribution, and management of pharmaceutical products. The company implements a flexible and professional distribution system, complying with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards to ensure the quality of medicines during transportation and distribution.

Furthermore, Central Pharmaceutical Company 3 equips cold storage facilities to ensure proper storage conditions for medicines as required, using a delivery vehicle system that meets GDP standards to ensure safe and timely drug transportation. The company also applies a quality management system that meets ISO 9001-2008 standards, ensuring efficient process execution and compliance with quality regulations.

Contact information:

  • Address: 115 Ngô Gia Tự, Ward Hải Châu 1, District Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng City
  • Phone number: 0236 3 817 323
  • Website:


Boston is a pharmaceutical company focused on providing high-quality medicines to patients. The company particularly emphasizes innovation, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products. Boston’s goal is to provide high-quality products, cost-effectiveness, and excellent customer service.

The company primarily specializes in the production of oral solid dosage forms. They focus on developing therapeutically equivalent products and other products tailored to specific cases. This allows the company to provide the best pharmaceutical solutions for diverse patient treatment needs.

With a focus on innovation and product development, Boston plays a crucial role in meeting the healthcare needs of the community and providing high-quality treatment methods for patients.

Boston Pharmaceutical Company offers a range of prescription products in various treatment categories. Below are some product groups that the company can provide: pain relievers, diuretics, anti-inflammatories, gastrointestinal, respiratory, endocrine, antiviral, antibiotics, antifungal, and more. The company may have various products in different treatment categories to meet the diverse treatment needs of patients.

Contact information:

  • Address: 01 Hàm Trung 4 Street, Hòa Hiệp Nam Ward, Liên Chiểu District, Đà Nẵng City
  • Phone number: 023.6730.3737
  • Website:

Dong Nam Bao Linh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

A company specializing in the production of traditional medicine to meet the needs of customers nationwide is Dong Nam Bao Linh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Previously, the company was known as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy with famous traditional remedies in Da Nang.

reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang
reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang

The company has a manufacturing plant that complies with GMP standards with two modern production lines for producing creams and ointments. The plant’s designed capacity is 10,000,000 products per year, allowing for the production of a large quantity of products to meet market demands. The company also has a GLP-compliant laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment. This ensures that raw materials and finished products are tested in accordance with GMP requirements, ensuring the quality and safety of the products.

The company’s warehouse system meets GSP standards to ensure proper storage conditions for pharmaceutical products from production to distribution. This ensures that the products are stored correctly to maintain their quality and effectiveness.

In addition, the company has an extraction workshop with specialized equipment to refine raw materials into pure materials that meet quality and safety standards. This ensures that the raw materials used in the production process meet quality and safety standards.

An overview of these facilities and equipment, all of which comply with international standards for production, testing, and storage, demonstrates the company’s emphasis on the quality and safety of the pharmaceutical products they provide. Don’t hesitate to use their products!

Contact Information:

  • Headquarters: Lot 32, Street No. 4, Industrial Zone, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0839.28.28.28 – 0236.39.31.988
  • Email:
  • Website:
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Nam Hung Viet Vaccine and Biological Products Joint Stock Company is a healthcare company operating in Ho Chi Minh City, contributing to the supply of high-quality vaccines, diagnostic biological products, and high-quality testing machines and chemicals in the market. Tuong Khue Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is a pharmaceutical company in Da Nang under Nam Hung Viet.

The company has many years of experience in the healthcare sector and is established and led by an experienced leadership team. The company considers customers a top priority and is committed to providing high-quality, safe, and accurate products and services. Additionally, they focus on developing a professional staff and building cooperative relationships with partners both domestically and internationally.

In particular, the company places a strong emphasis on the role of community health and always strives to bring tangible benefits to customers, partners, and the community. Safety, accuracy, integrity, and efficiency are the values the company aims for. Through the development of marketing and distribution systems, the company supplies vaccines, diagnostic products, and medical equipment to various locations throughout the country, from major cities to health centers, hospitals, disease control centers, clinics, and agencies across Vietnam.

Furthermore, the company is committed to ensuring the quality of its products and timely distribution services, offering high-quality vaccines and diagnostic products at prices comparable to other pharmaceutical companies. They also aim to contribute to community health, partner success, and employee well-being.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 33 Le Lai Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
  • Phone: 0236.3538.666
  • Fax: 023.6389.5760
  • Email:

Experience in Choosing a Reputable Pharmaceutical Company

Selecting a trustworthy pharmaceutical company is crucial when it comes to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of healthcare products. Here are some key considerations and tips to help you make an informed decision:

  • Research and Background Check: Begin by researching pharmaceutical companies in your area or the region of interest. Look for well-established companies with a strong track record.
    Check if the company has the necessary licenses and certifications from relevant health authorities.
    Reputation and Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials from both customers and healthcare professionals. This can provide insights into the company’s reputation and the quality of their products.

Ask for recommendations from healthcare providers or trusted sources.

  • Product Range: Consider the range of pharmaceutical products the company offers. A diverse product line can indicate expertise in various healthcare areas.
    Ensure they provide the specific products or medications you require.

Quality Assurance: Investigate the company’s commitment to quality assurance. Look for certifications like Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP).
Inquire about their quality control processes and standards for product testing.
Customer Support:

Assess the company’s customer support and responsiveness. Quick and efficient customer service can be crucial, especially for healthcare products.
Ensure they provide clear and accurate information regarding product usage and safety.
Collaborations and Partnerships:

  • Check if the company collaborates with reputable healthcare institutions, hospitals, or research organizations. Such partnerships can indicate credibility.
    Inquire about any partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies.
  • Price and Affordability: While price should not be the sole determinant, compare the company’s pricing with other reputable competitors. Be cautious of unusually low prices.
    Consider whether they offer affordable options for essential medications.
  • Look for transparency in the company’s operations, including pricing, product information, and ingredient lists.
    Ensure they comply with regulations related to labeling and product information.
  • Safety Records: Check if the company has a history of product recalls or safety issues. Investigate the reasons behind any recalls and assess their response to such incidents.
    Consult Healthcare Professionals:

Consult with healthcare professionals, such as doctors or pharmacists, for their insights and recommendations on pharmaceutical companies.

  • Legal and Ethical Practices: Verify that the company adheres to ethical business practices and complies with legal regulations, including patent laws and intellectual property rights.
    Location and Accessibility:

Consider the location of the company’s facilities and distribution centers. Accessibility can impact product availability and delivery times.
By conducting thorough research and due diligence, you can choose a reputable pharmaceutical company that prioritizes product quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Remember that your health and well-being depend on the choices you make, so make an informed decision when selecting a pharmaceutical provider.

Above, Hanami has shared with you 8 reputable pharmaceutical companies in Da Nang. With the valuable information provided, we hope that you can choose the company with the highest-quality products!

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