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Top 10 best apartment design services in Da Nang, review by Hanami

Designing luxurious and sophisticated apartments and condominiums is currently a trending phenomenon. Beautiful, unique, and convenient condominium designs are what almost every family is aspiring for nowadays. Consequently, the demand for reliable and high-quality condominium design services is increasing. In the following article, Hanami Hotel Danang will introduce the top 10 best apartment design services in Da Nang.

The compilation of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Top 10 best apartment design services in Da Nang

Dana Sun

Dana Sun is a professional interior design and construction company with many years of experience. With the desire to bring uniqueness and comfort to every design for customers.

All management staff and employees of Dana Sun always strive to perfect every project and convey the sophistication in each design to your home. We specialize in designing office interiors, restaurants, cafes, showrooms, and apartments in Da Nang.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Dana Sun – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

With a team of experienced, talented, and creative designers and builders, Dana Sun promises to deliver the highest possible value for every project upon completion. To execute these architectural artworks perfectly, Dana Sun continuously trains and enhances the quality of its experienced architects and builders, while equipping them with the latest construction tools to ensure the best possible products.

With many years of experience in apartment design, Dana Sun brings the most economical and optimal solutions to your home. We promise no additional costs and are always ready to meet customer requirements during the construction and design.

Dana Sun is home to many skilled interior designers and construction workers, always ready to assist you to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, their creative abilities, along with unique and innovative ideas, are in line with current trends.

Furthermore, Dana Sun also has its own furniture manufacturing workshop and material warehouse in Da Nang, ensuring that project timelines are met to meet all customer needs.

Dana Sun is one of the few companies offering full-service interior design and construction in Da Nang. With an experienced team of workers, the company has established a professional style and optimized services in many projects, delivering impressive, suitable, and practical designs to customers. This will be one of the prominent names in the best apartment design services in Da Nang.


  • Address: 34A Phong Nam, Hoa Chau, Hoa Vang, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0932 444 348
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 08:00–22:00

Golden House Furniture

The next of top 10 the best apartment design services in Da Nang is Golden House. That is a company specializing in designing and architecting luxurious, modern interior furnishings. Pioneering in the mix-and-match interior design style, it promises to create unique living spaces for homeowners.

Combining a solid foundation in architecture and design, Golden House’s designs blend tradition with modernity, elegance, and sophistication in every aspect. To ensure quality, the company provides comprehensive interior design services, focusing on every detail to turn your most creative ideas into reality.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Golden House – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

Golden House has become one of the renowned architecture and interior design companies in Da Nang, thanks to the trust and collaboration of customers in general, especially large corporations, having completed over 500 projects, large and small, in the field of interior design and construction.

Modern style is currently the most popular interior design trend, emphasizing simplicity, sophistication, and comfort. Golden House Furniture is a pioneer in applying modern style to residential interior design.

With a team of experienced and highly skilled architects, Golden House Furniture brings modern, luxurious, and standout interior designs to apartments.

For living spaces with limited area, Golden House utilizes smart design solutions to maximize space utilization. With years of experience in interior design, Golden House Furniture can help you optimize your living space and create a comfortable, convenient living environment.


  • Address: 69 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0816 909 909 – 0948 380 839
  • Website:

XHOM Viet Nam

Xhome Da Nang is a leading interior design and construction company in Vietnam, trusted by thousands of customers nationwide. It is the only company capable of providing comprehensive products and services from design, and interior construction to new construction, renovation, and decoration with high quality.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
XHOM – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

As a company that always brings perfect designs down to the smallest details, it has grown with 9 branches, including 10 showrooms across the country, 1 office in Singapore, and 6 famous brands in the industry.

The services provided by Xhome Da Nang include:

  • Apartment interior design
  • Townhouse interior design
  • Villa interior design
  • Office interior design
  • Spa interior design
  • Shop interior design
  • Architecture and Construction

With the desire to create innovative living spaces and stylish environments that meet user needs, Xhome provides high-quality interior products and services to improve users’ lives and protect their health, while also aiming towards a high-quality future.

XHOME is the largest brand in interior design, architecture, and construction in Vietnam, trusted by thousands of customers nationwide. Starting from a small office in Hanoi, XHOME has rapidly developed over the past 10 years with a wide-ranging showroom system across the country.

XHOME has a highly skilled team of over 800 architects, engineers, scholars, and designers. Not only dominating the domestic market, but XHOME also continuously innovates, and creates high-quality interior products and services, aiming to become the leading company in the regional and international markets. Along with premium brands, XHOME has created thousands of reputable and leading projects that can compete internationally. Visit Xhome, one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang.


  • Address: 58-60 30/04 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 023 6656 3939
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: 08:00–17:00

Nice World

Established in 2012, Nice World has over 8 years of experience in designing and architecting interior furnishings for numerous projects, including high-quality residential interior design services, with a team of professional interior designers experienced in apartment design.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Nice World – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

Niceworld is not only a beautiful interior design company but also a renowned interior design company that has established its position and brand over the years.

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Each project is carried out according to the committed process with every customer’s trust and experience, bringing maximum satisfaction and value to their space.

Nice World offers apartment interior design packages that ensure:

  • Up-to-date and unique apartment interior designs.
  • Maximization of functionality for every customer’s usage needs.
  • Always meeting customer requirements.
  • Detailed and specific pricing for each item.
  • No additional costs commitment.

At Nice World, the staff is ready to advise and support you 24/24 throughout the entire interior design and apartment construction process. Nice World always strives to provide customers with the best service experience.


  • Address: Corner Lot C, 1st Floor, FPT Plaza 1, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0905 880 229 – 0935 780 229
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: 08:00–17:30

Son Ha Group

Established for over 18 years, Son Ha Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company has extensive experience in designing interior furnishings for apartment buildings. Son Ha confidently promises to meet all three factors of luxury, uniqueness, and convenience, aiming to provide customers with a more comfortable space than ever before.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Son Ha – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

With profound professional experience and a team of experienced architects, Son Ha Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company adeptly showcases the homeowner’s style throughout the design process, allowing customers to create according to their preferences.

At Son Ha, the best apartment interior furnishings in the design collection are readily available for you to choose from. Collaborating with architects, suitable ideas will create a comfortable interior that aligns with the customer’s preferences and harmonizes with the entire apartment.

Every design and construction by Son Ha emphasizes convenience, optimal functionality, flexible architectural application, and cost optimization. Therefore, Son Ha Group is always chosen by premium brands such as Vinhome, Phuong Dong, Van Don, Waterfront City, and Hoang Huy Mall.

Uniqueness and quality are the top criteria and the differentiating points of Son Ha Group’s comprehensive best apartment design services in Da Nang.

Son Ha Group is committed to focusing on every detail in design, providing diverse full-package construction services in terms of styles, colors, and materials. With the desire to deliver perfect quality interior products to customers, along with modern machinery and a talented, experienced staff continuously innovating and striving for development.


  • Address: 51M Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 022 5222 2555 – 0906 222 555
  • Website:

AWADA Furniture

Awada is one of the leading and best apartment design services in Da Nang, trusted and chosen by many. With years of experience in the field of design, Awada Furniture has provided thousands of customers with unique, distinctive living spaces that meet their every need and preference.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Awada – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

Awada Furniture specializes in designing a variety of family interior styles, from modern to neo-classical and minimalist. Each style has its characteristics, bringing different beauty suitable for different homeowner preferences.

Reasons to choose Awada Furniture:

  • With a team of experienced and creative architects and engineers, Awada always provides creative, unique interior design models that meet all customer requirements.
  • Awada always listens to customer opinions and aims to provide the best design solutions.
  • Awada always optimizes space and ensures a practical and convenient family interior design.

If you are looking for a reputable furniture company in Da Nang, Awada is the best choice for you. Contact Awada with the information below to receive advice on interior furnishings that suit your needs and desires.


  • Address: 62 – 64 Do Tu Street, Hoa Xuan Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0932 345 989
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 07:30–17:30

Sala House

Sala House is one of the most famous interior design and architecture companies in Da Nang. With many years of experience in the field, Sala House has provided customers with thousands of beautiful, luxurious, and convenient interior design projects.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Sala House – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

Sala House’s designs combine a solid foundation in architecture with modern and elegant luxury and simple sophistication. Sala House provides a diverse range of apartment interior design services, including:

  • Full-package apartment interior design: Sala House takes care of the entire design and construction process. From measurement, conceptualization, design, and construction to installation.
  • Custom apartment interior design: If you have your design ideas, Sala House can help turn them into reality from 3D drawings.
  • Apartment interior design in various styles: Sala House allows you to design your apartment interior in various styles, from modern to classical to neo-classical.

With a team of experienced architects and engineers, Sala House promises to provide customers with the most suitable and satisfactory solutions. They offer creative and unique designs tailored to the needs and tastes of today’s customers. They guarantee 100% construction quality and adhere to the agreed-upon schedule. They promise to bring absolute satisfaction to customers when experiencing their services.


  • Address: 52 Pham Banh Street, Cam Le District, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0984 146 645
  • Website:


With extensive experience in designing and constructing interior projects spanning over 631 projects of various sizes throughout the city, Safurco has become one of the renowned addresses specializing in condominium interior design in Da Nang, creating unique interior trends and making a difference.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Safurco – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

Over more than 10 years of operation, thanks to the enthusiasm, experience of the leadership team, and the creativity and dedication of the staff, Safurco is known as a leading interior company in the Central region specializing in consulting, designing, and construction, particularly in the Da Nang area.

Most of Safurco’s designs always have a close connection with the entire apartment, combined with carefully selected decorations to create a harmonious, sophisticated, and luxurious space. In addition, Safurco always creates unique and standard interior styles for customers, constantly updating the latest trends and providing unique, trendy interior designs based on current customer preferences.

It is not surprising that Safurco’s designs are well-liked by many people because they are carried out by architects with many years of experience in interior design, creativity, and sophistication. Safurco commits to providing quality residential interior design products that meet all your needs and desires.

Currently, Safurco offers the following services:

  • Apartment interior design.
  • Office furniture design.
  • Construction of showrooms, and shops.
  • Hotel, resort interior design.
  • Villa, residential interior design.
  • Restaurant, and cafe interior design.
  • Signboard construction, advertising.


  • Address:
    • Branch 1: 18 Le Dai Hanh, Khue Trung, Cam Le, Da Nang
    • Branch 2: 241 – 242 – 243 Go Nhay 6, Hoa Minh, Lien Chieu, Da Nang
    • Branch 3: 133 – 135 Ngo May, Hoa Xuan, Cam Le, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0931 733 699 – 02363 633 699
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 07:30–17:30

Coi Design

Coi Design is a reputable consulting, designing, architectural construction, and high-quality interior furnishing unit in the city of Da Nang. From project planning, architectural design, and interior design to construction and completion of interior projects.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Coi Design – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

Coi Design’s designs aim to create a comfortable, maximally relaxing living space between humans and nature, with a harmonious blend of natural light, wind, and greenery creating energy for the entire structure, which is becoming increasingly important.

The interior design services provided by Coi Design include:

  • Apartment interior design
  • Residential interior design
  • Villa interior design
  • Office interior design
  • Restaurant interior design
  • Hotel interior design
  • Exhibition, booth, showroom interior design.

Moreover, Coi Design pursues creativity by constantly learning and listening to customer feedback, applying advanced new technologies, and aiming to become the most recognized brand in the world.

When coming to Coi Design, your home is not only aesthetically pleasing and highly connected but also creates a living space suitable with complete interior furnishings.


  • Address: 02 Phan Thanh, Thac Gian, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0905 425 650
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:
  • Opening hours: 08:00–18:00

Cuong Nguyen Furniture

Cuong Nguyen Furniture Company has over 18 years of experience in interior design and construction in Da Nang. Trusted by many customers, the company offers quality and reputable interior design packages for apartment buildings, as well as simple designs, especially focusing on interior design solutions combined with Feng Shui to address the living space of each customer.

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Cuong Nguyen – one of the best apartment design services in Da Nang

Cuong Nguyen aims to bring customers luxurious and exquisite furniture. The company continuously conducts research and develops its brand to get closer to customers, focusing on projects with luxurious European-style interior designs and unique styles that are second to none.

Cuong Nguyen boasts a team of professional designers and architects with high professional qualifications. They provide consulting services, support customers, and ensure quality. Cuong Nguyen Furniture aspires to become one of the leading furniture brands in Vietnam, trusted and chosen by customers.


  • Address: 48 Ngo The Lan, Hoa An, Cam Le, Da Nang
  • Phone: 0905 449 829 – 0935 449 829
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:
  • Business Hours: 08:00–17:00

Some notes when designing an apartment

best apartment design services in Da Nang
Considerations when designing an apartment building

Understanding the Space

Before proceeding with the design, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the actual area, shape, and structure of the apartment. This helps determine the boundaries and potential of the space, enabling appropriate design solutions. It requires patience, deep technical design knowledge, understanding of living spaces, and flexibility in adapting to the apartment’s requirements and limitations, hence the need for experienced architects’ intervention.

Ensuring Harmony

When designing interior spaces, attention should be paid to consistency in color, style, and materials. Additionally, adhere to scientific principles in interior design to ensure rationality, functionality optimization, and convenience. Decide on the overall design style you wish to implement in your apartment. It could be modern, classic, minimalist, luxurious, or a combination of various styles.

Balance in Design

Balance is crucial in creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing living space. Consider the positioning and height of furniture to create balance and harmony in your room. Balance can be applied to various aspects of interior design, such as color, proportion, etc.

Feng Shui Element

Feng Shui plays a significant role in creating a balanced and healthy living space. Feng Shui factors significantly impact interior design and have a considerable influence on living spaces, health, and the prosperity of homeowners. To bring luck and happiness, colors, positions, and interior decorations should be chosen according to Feng Shui principles.

Choosing Quality Materials

Selecting suitable construction and interior materials is essential to ensure durability, beauty, and safety for users. High-quality materials suitable for the apartment’s living environment and long-term use should be chosen. Materials such as wood, glass, fire-resistant materials, and ceramics are considered suitable and meet these standards.

Optimizing Personalization

Optimizing personalization in interior design means creating living spaces that reflect the style, preferences, and unique needs of each family or individual. This provides a sense of security, satisfaction, and a strong connection with the living environment. To achieve this, we must understand our own needs, preferences, and lifestyle. From there, unique spaces created will reflect your personality and meet your specific requirements.

The above are the top 10 best apartment design services in Da Nang. Hopefully, with this information, you will find it easier to search for a reputable apartment design company.

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  • Phone: 0905432992
  • Email:
  • Website:
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  • Facebook:

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