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How to attract and convert the “Last-Minute” customer group

In the hotel industry, the term Last-Minute refers to bookings that are made close to the time of departure and use. Customers who need to travel urgently for family or job reasons frequently find these offers.

So, how do you attract and convert the “Last-Minute” guest group? Follow Hanami’s article for the answer!

Create “last-minute” prices

Last Minute means that the customer books the hotel room close to the departure time or when they arrive at work or the place of sightseeing. At such times, their demand increases, and they are truly very urgent, so the ability to close the room is very high.

Attract and convert last minute customer group

Attract and convert the “Last-Minute” customer group

At this time, they are worried about room costs and consumer feedback. They are far more likely to choose your hotel if you provide them with a reasonable price and a good assessment of quality and room services. Give customers a good deal that they will find difficult to ignore.

Take advantage of SEO

SEO is now one of the tools that can assist a website in becoming a highly effective sales channel in the long run. Post articles on a regular basis about the best website activities to achieve the highest efficiency.

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Use the tools available to you for SEO optimization to assist your website draw in more visitors naturally and display well on Google’s tools: Google Hotels, Google Maps, etc.

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Using social media 

Use social networking sites and add hashtags to the hotel’s promotional offers so that clients can quickly search. Vietnamese and English should be used as at least two languages. Besides, you can use other languages within the hotel’s ability.

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After that, push the Offer Last Minute higher using tools like email marketing, your website, and data mining to make it more visible to customers and attract them to you.

Operating actively on OTAS channels

The current OTAS channels still have a significant influence on the travel sector. Consumers use these channels to search for hotels for their trips, thus it won’t be difficult for hotels to attract many guests through these channels.

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Popular OTAS channels

However, pricing competition is unavoidable, the hotel’s responsibility is to create a prominence and uniqueness. Choose a channel that works for your hotel and publish photographs, utilities, and deals for Deal Last Minute on it.

Optimize mobile devices

With the development of the internet today, mobile devices have become an integral part of everyone’s lives, particularly for young customers. To attract customers to your hotel, don’t be hesitant to promote articles on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Optimize mobile devices

For the hotel’s website, it is impossible to let the situation slow, lag, the layout is not optimized on the phone, this will cause the website to be underestimated, reduced, reduced prestige. The traffic is reduced continuously, and the overcoming is very time-consuming.

Because of their ability to become loyal customers, the Last Minute customer group deserves special attention and investment. Hanami hopes that this article has provided you with more useful information. See you in the next posts.

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